Roses, roses all the way for Barnaby today!


Barnaby bright red2

Why?   ‘Cos it’s St Valentine’s Day?
Will the Nationals unite and say
‘You are our leader still today!’
Question Time – so many speeches!
Turnbull said he saw no breaches,
Surely not – ‘he wore no ‘breeches!’
Now that’s pommie speak for trousers!
Think of that you right wing wowsers!
Labor left wing rabble rousers?
They’re pleased to see him hale and hearty!
Rosy-red faced!   Feisty!  Just the man to lead his party!

NOTES –  For once I’m on Barnaby’s side!   Beetroot-red faced as he’s so often described, I thought of him as rosy-red and with a lover, passionate, today of all days, February 14th, he deserves a kinder soubriquet.

And that rage of his in Question Time today was a delight to behold with Members on the Opposition benches all smiling.  I can imagine one of them sending him a bunch of wilting red roses they might find left over on the supermarket shelves if a late night sitting sends them out looking for a takeaway snack.

Two days on and I think the ALP are still delighted that Barnaby is hanging in there as leader of the Nationals, despite their harassing the PM yesterday for not seeking his resignation.  Malcolm Turnbull’s address and ‘not commenting’ on this ‘personal tragedy’ but nonetheless from now on proscribing any sexual relations at all between Ministers and their staff has caused an unexpected tightening of the National Party ranks behind their ‘unwise’ leader.   Barnaby now has an opportunity to be on the front foot again instead of displaying that very shamefaced expression of his when apologizing to all the women in his life and to all of us Australians who put their trust in him when they elected him to high office!  What next for our Coalition Government with its majority of one in the House of Reps?????

I wonder how FPM Julia Gillard would have handled this sort of crisis?

















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