Julia Gillard Is Still Standing!

gillard smiling

“Gillard Has Guts!”

One paper told the truth today
No matter what the others have to say.
You know, about the PM being dead,
Politically I mean. How often has that been said!

But here she is alive and well,
And with plenty of good news to tell.
This picture says it all dear reader.
We couldn’t have a better leader.

While leakers and gossip writers go to town,
Character assassins bring her down,
And Abbott does his stunts and struts,
She keeps smiling. Yes! Gillard has guts!


This is a pome from two years back when Murdoch and media mates were doing their usual thing in backing Tony Abbott to be in the Lodge tomorrow, or at least next week.   A c0nversation with Jane at Cafe Whispers about sunflowers somehow put these lines in front of me again and it struck me how even more appropriate they are today.   And then I read this beautiful letter which I’ve copied in full below to the Prime Minister which said everything I would want to say  to her today too.    I have highlighted it as well as quoted.   I don’t know the writer,  Ian’s full name, but he is one of the many great bloggers at The Pub and this contribution today to a telling post about the witch hunt which has been in full cry every day since Julia Gillard became our Prime Minister deserves wide coverage.

Thursday 06/06/2013

The Prime Minister of Australia

Dear Ms Gillard.

Khalil Gibran, a Lebanese poet once wrote:

“To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to.”

I understand that at the present time you are perceived to be in a, politically speaking, very dark place indeed. In fact, if one were to pay credence to the media and pundits the whole idea of elections and a free people exercising their right to walk, unencumbered by fear, into a ballot box is an unneccessary impost. A change of Government is a foregone conclusion. They, the media and their political champions, have deemed it so. I am here to tell you different.

I could bang on about unfair reporting, blatant lies, misleading headlines and all the rest. I wont. That would both a waste of your time and mine. What I would like to talk about is courage.

Too many of us have been conditioned to accept an act of bravado as an act of courage.  It’s not.  Never has been, never will be.  We accept that the blatherings on a radio station are the telling of truth to power. It’s not. Never has been.  Never will be.  Journalists with bylines and column inches shining the impartial light of truth and reason saving society from the excesses of Government.  They don’t.  They never will.  They never have. None of this is courage.  It’s not even bravery.  It would be more akin to a rank, ingrained cowardice. An unfortunate irony of life is that cowards are notoriously hard to pin down to fight.  It really is pointless expending energy on them, other than on occasion, like when one is confronted with any yapping cur, a solid kick in the guts doesn’t go astray.

Courage, unlike cowardice, is borne of an empathy deep in the soul.  It radiates out to those in need. It strengthens those who falter and shines a harsh brightness on the treacherous. The strength, the character, the conviction of a courageous soul will always prevail.  As will you and your Government.

Those who disparage the achievements, the strengths, the courage and, importantly, the honest, decent and all too human empathy of you and your Government believe they have weakened you.  They haven’t.  They wont.  They never will….nor us.

Many millions of Australians admire, trust, respect and believe in you and what you wish to achieve. They have looked into their hearts and minds and they agree.

Kindest regards     Ian

Patriciawa,      Saturday 08/06/13    Just came across this by Andrew Elder, wonderful author of the Politically Homeless  which underlines Ian’s faith in our Prime Minister and my own conviction that she can and will win this  coming election.  Needs highlighting!

The Murdoch journos can’t believe the Labor leadership thing really is over. The basic facts of Australian politics are clearly different to what they told us, what they demanded we pay them to tell us: Julia Gillard was Prime Minister was Prime Minister in June 2010, she was Prime Minister was Prime Minister in June 2011, she was Prime Minister was Prime Minister in June 2012, she is Prime Minister was Prime Minister in June 2013, and no amount of increasingly strident Narrative is convincing that she won’t be Prime Minister was Prime Minister in June 2014, or ’15.

Another encouraging post today was all about The CaseFor Keeping Julia Gillard  by Robert Macklin who lists the achievements of what he thinks is excellent government run by a Prime Minister who has never been given a fair go.

It seems I’m the only columnist left in Australia who thinks Julia Gillard and her excellent government have a reasonable chance of winning the September 14 election.

Call me quixotic if you like, but I just can’t believe that my fellow Australians would toss out a government that has done us such sterling service for an opposition led by Tony Abbott who threatens to undo so much of what we’ve achieved these last five years; and who wants to set us on a path to “austerity” that has done such appalling damage in Europe and the US.

I found this article at AIMN site while reading there a deliciously  feisty defence of our democracy and challenge to Rupert Murdoch  which has now been re-posted by Michael Taylor at Cafe Whispers, my favorite blog site of all.     We Won’t Back Down!

I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more fight and  feistiness like this  from Julia Gillard supporters from here on until September 14th.   She deserves it.   After all – 

Citizen Journalism has an astonishing  listing of the many times Gillard’s demise has been confidently and wrongly predicted.

Cafe Whispers also ran this pome with more extensive notes under the title of Julia Gillard Has Guts, But you already knew that didn’t you?

Patriciawa,   13/06/13,   MORE NOTES,  after watching PMJG’s interview with Ben Eltham in Fremantl Town Hall, 12/06/13.

Isn’t it odd how the Canberra Press Gallery and commentariat has painted such a distorted picture of Prime Minister Julia Gillard?   One can forgive cartoonists up to a point, they are often as relentless in their portrayal of Tony Abbott.  But interviewers and reporters of press interviews leave him and his pronouncements largely unquestioned.

My immediate impression on seeing the PM mingling informally at last night’s fundraiser in Fremantle, was how small she is.  So much has been made of her derriere, that I wondered if she had lost weight recently. Even so that shouldn’t affect her overall proportions.  She came across as a slightly built woman, modestly dressed in a black trouser suit and sensible shoes, with immaculately groomed hair and stylish glasses which added character to her face, but left it open to scrutiny.

As she always is of course, unlike the Opposition Leader who walks away from awkward questions.  Of course the event was not a press conference, it was a fund raiser billed as ‘The PM in Conversation With Ben Elton.’ Even so, there was some searching questioning along with the light hearted banter, particularly about asylum seekers.

I haven’t got my thoughts about last night together yet.  I woke up this morning to Joe Hockey’s comment about the Prime Minister never having had respect which is laughable. She received a standing ovation on arrival and departure and our local member, Melissa Parkes told me her office receives calls and emails daily reflecting the same feelings of admiration and respect and urging her and other Caucus members to stay loyal.

I’n fact feelings about the PM in that audience were if anything more firmly behind her than at Community Cabinets held here in WA last year.

More later.  It was great to meet fellow Political Swordsters, Gordon and Rosemary,  last night and to share our impressions of the event in person.  We should do more of it.  Any other sandgropers up to joining us in the beachside coffee we plan for next week?

I’m very proud of this picture organised for me there by Melissa Park, our local Member.


kate ahearne      19/06/13,     Hi Patricia. I just wanted to let you know how nice it is to see your ‘likes’ in my Inbox. So I came across to see what you’re up to. Thanks very much for this – a couple of great quotes that I hope you won’t mind if I recycle – properly accredited, of course.      Anyway, you’ve been fighting the good fight for some time, and I wish I had the leisure right now to read all your posts, but alas! – Perhaps when the race has been run and won, I can follow up some of these wonderful sites, like yours.    Meanwhile, keep at it, Patricia.

2gravel,  01/02/14, Patricia….Don’t know how I missed this post of yours, what a wonderful photo of you and Julia, you will have that to treasure forever.

Patriciawa, 11/09/14, How did Tony Abbott ever imagine that his Royal Commission into Trade Unions would bring her down? This Pope cartoon from last month is almost prescient.


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