Julia Gillard Has a Heart of Oak!

The Prime Minister

Is this a harsh old dowager queen?
The Oz says that is how she’s seen,
Describing her as tough as teak,
Inflexible, hard, in Newspeak.
I’d say she has a heart of oak,
Warm, likeable as any bloke.
Often described as a hard head
Our PM is far from heart dead.

She is strong, forthright, no fibber;
Role model for any Libber.
Though no militant feminist,
Or an environmentalist,
She’s progressive and does care.
Attempting always to be fair,
Embracing those who need a hand,
Never afraid to take a stand.

Questions on why she’s not married
She has very lightly parried,
Echoing another Welsh red head,
A dowager queen who stayed unwed.
PM Gillard’s no Tudor, born to rule,
But she sure comes from that gene pool.
Hang on to her Australia,
Her big heart of oak won’t fail yer.


In this weekend’s Australian I saw a headline above a grimly resolute picture of Julia Gillard – Tough as teak and as flexible. There followed a very unfair article stating among many other unflattering things that the PM is seen as a hard cold dowager queen. I had always feared Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s strength and resilience would one day be used against her, because it implies a lack of warmth and femininity. Cassandra Wilkinson says it plainly.

Julia Gillard’s notorious resolve is now widely viewed as a negative in the eyes of the electorate.

Reporters and feature writers have decided to write about her strength in a derogatory way, like this back handed compliment in the Age. Simply put…..Gillard is indestructible, says Mark Kenny who thinks that Labor should ‘find a way of somehow parlaying Gillard’s toughness into leadership strength’ and that ‘having stuck with her, it has nothing to lose from trying.

There is one Age article sincerely praising Julia Gillard’s strength, not by a journalist but by Professor Marilyn Lake who states very firmly that

The future belongs to Gillard, Tanya Plibersek, Penny Wong, Bill Shorten, Greg Combet, Mark Dreyfus and others with talent and forward vision. It also belongs to politicians who care about more than themselves and their careers, who care about climate change and the environment, as Combet does, who care about disability insurance, as Shorten does, who care about the state of our hospitals, as Plibersek does, and who care passionately about access to education as our Prime Minister does.

This reflects what I think is the truth about Julia Gillard – that she is a staunch leader of a talented team much loved by many of them and similarly admired by people writing to opinion columns in the mainstream media and out here in the blogosphere. Opinion polls seem designed somehow not to tap into these feelings. Certainly newspaper journos aren’t writing about it. No reporters or commentators picked up on the warmth of the response to Christine Nixon last Monday on Q&A when she said that Julia Gillard had been a good PM. The applause was widespread and sustained when she expressed the hope Julia Gillard would survive the impending leadership challenge and go on to prevail in September’s election.

Cassandra Wilkinson’s unkind comparison of PMJG to a harsh old dowager queen may well be a good omen. Many years ago Queen Bess knew that in her woman’s weak and feeble body beat the heart of a King. Julia Gillard has a heart of oak and knows it.


2gravel, 02/04/13, Patricia, Well done, short and strong and to the point. Glad to see you back.

ad astra, 02/04/13, Patriciawa, What a lovely dedication to our Julia with her Heart of Oak.

lyn, 02/04/13, Patricia, thankyou for you most enjoyable pome along with your good wishes. Makes me sad though to see they are now being nasty about Julia’s strength. PS the twitters enjoyed your pome too.

Truthseeker, 02/04/13, Patricia, well done on another fine poem it certainly look as though you have got over your block, and back to what you do so well

dedalus, 02/04/13, Patriciawa, Bravo. I’m depressed by our depression, not by team Labor. When the mind focuses in Sept, the true position will be revealed. Onwards to victory!

denese 02/04/13, PM is seen as a hard cold dowager queen yes i read that to, i think any one who thinks like that have not read about queen liz from the time of her birth. i never saw her a cold in any way, she had to be very strong, thats all,

there is an amazing film clip with kate winnslett in u tube with queen liz portrayed near a flotilla of ship s, trying to make it to britian,
wish some one would embed that in the pub the inspiration is oresome

foreverjanice 02/04/13, You’re back on track, Patricia. Lovely pome about a lovely lady.

Kaye Sera 02/04/13, Lovely ode to PM

c@atmomma, 02,04/15, Patriciawa, Welcome back to the Author Club! Your words have the same sort of delightful lilt to them that you use to describe the PM’s character:
She’s progressive and does care.
Attempting always to be fair,
Embracing those who need a hand,
Never afraid to take a stand.

denese, o2/04/13 patrica do you have my original chat to you about that subject way back in 2010? i have always said that Julia remind me of liz the first. also i read a piece that queen liz had welsh ancestory, you never know. we need more of your peoms.

Patriciawa 03/04/13 denese, if you were writing as my say I see that it was yourself, confessions and kezza who inspired me to write about this very subject

Fed up, 12/04/13, Love the photo. I believe that the PM is getting over to the people, that grace that all talk about when they meet her face to face. Was noticable while in China. Love the relaxed videos of the PM and Chinese leader. They seem to genuinely like each other.

Martha, 22/04/13, wonderfull patricia, should be tweeted far and wide

Patriciawa, 22/04/13, Thanks, Martha. I’m hoping that friends will help with that. I just don’t have the time to learn how to text and tweet for myself right now.


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