That Damned Reclusive Liberal!

We seek you here, we seek you there.
We journos seek you everywhere.
Crook? You can’t be! You’re never unwell!
Come off it, Tony! Come out and tell!
But no, you aren’t allowed out to speak
Ex tempore where you’re so weak.
So Peta’s got you under cover.
We’re patient though, we’ll wait, we’ll hover.

We’ll seek you here, we’ll seek you there!
We journos’ll hunt you everywhere!
The word is out. We’ll soon get a bell,
We’ll track you down. We know your smell.
Tony, call us! Give us a story!
Come on! Tell it! Make sure it’s gory!
Answer our questions. Don’t cut us short.
Don’t get sulky and act spoil sport.

We’ve sought you here, We’ve sought you there.
Till now we’ve sought you everywhere!
We’re nearly all Murdoch’s personnel,
Our main job is to give Gillard hell.
We know your plans could all head south
If you should put your foot in mouth.
So our questions now will be prepared.
Come on Tony, you can’t still be scared!


Yesterday Miglo at Cafe Whispers mocked Tony Abbott, The Invisible Man, running away from unscripted media scrutiny. I had to point out that this was more of the same from Abbott, this going incommunicado when he feels threatened. We at Cafe Whispers had posted a polliepome early this year when he didn’t want to answer awkward questions about the involvement of senior Liberals with Mal Brough in his scandalous Slipper imbroglio. His going into hiding then had reminded me of that jingle about ‘the damned elusive Pimpernel!’ I think Miglo thought ‘elusive’ was too kind, and used ‘abusive’ instead. Peta Credlin’s latest media management strategy cried out to me now for a re-write and a new title!

Samantha Maiden reported in the Sunday Telegraph that Peta Credlin wants to make Tony Abbott as small a target as possible between now and September 14th. Concerned that a media stumble could ruin his chances for winning an unloseable election she’s had him dump even his regular Friday morning soft interview on Channel Nine’s Today Show. Unsurprisingly this small target strategy and unwillingness to front the media has roused critical commentary from journalists and the public.

Q & A on Monday had quite a lively segment discussing Abbott’s reluctance to front cameras for unscripted interviews with Tony Jones driving the debate along after Sue Hoffman from Perth put it to the panel that….

Tony Abbott’s chief of staff doubts his ability to handle soft interviews on breakfast television leading to cancellation of his weekly TV appearance. So what do the panel think of his suitability as Prime Minister, which includes representing and negotiating for Australia and dealing with foreign dignitaries when he isn’t trusted by his own staff to manage 15 minutes on the Today Show?

Paul Syvret in the The Courier-Mail this morning attracted a lot of commentary with his scathing attack on ‘timid Tony Abbott’s tiny-target’ declaring that Action Man Abbott……. is running scared.

Not surprisingly the fifth estate weighed in too with bloggers like psyclaw and Victoria having their say about Tony Jones and his keen pursuit of the issue on Q & A on the Poll Bludger. I liked psyclaw’s comment that….. After all it just might be Tony Jones who ultimately gives Abbott his terminating come-uppance….

It’s a nice thought, but my own hunch is that with Rupert Murdoch’s stranglehold on our print media and other vested interests influencing TV and radio outlets Abbott will still be given plenty of soft interview opportunities. But that’s what pushed me into the last line of my pome. Surely, he won’t still be scared?


gravel3, 13/02/13, Patricia, well done, you have covered all the bases here. Indeed, it seems they will still continue merrily along and say how great he is.

Catching up,
13/02/13, “..I have so often been asked the question: “But how did you come to think of The … ‘We seek him here, we seek him there, Those Frenchies seek him everywhere’ It’s The Scarlet Pimpernel

Patriciawa, 13/02/13, Yes, Cu, it’s all there in in Wikipedia and I followed your link to there to enjoy a really nostalgic read. But when writing the pome it was just the jingle that came echoing back to me from almost seventy years ago. I think Miglo was right about that ‘elusive’ being too complimentary to Abbott, echoing as it did the character of the gallant Sir Percy, the Scarlet Pimpernel. I’d found everyoone of Baroness Orczy’s stories totally absorbing as a child and that jingle was etched in my mind. Possibly too kind to our Tony, but this is satire after all!


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