Mini Campaign – Product of a Mini Brain?

Is this LNP mini campaign,
Product of someone’s mini-brain,
Planned for Abbott because Newspoll
Shows him still in a big black hole
With his PR team in despair,
Weeping, wailing, tearing their hair?
Or just another permutation
Of his varied self presentation?

Once just a guy who loved to surf,
Next he’s a new friend of the earth.
Then shown as a mighty runner
No one knows just when he’s gunna
Come charging in upon his bike,
Trying hard to sound statesmanlike
As he fights every big new tax
Like flames before his fireman’s axe.

In parliament, suited, dutiful,
No budgie smugglers on body beautiful;
Once strict RC, a man of prayer,
Has that gone up into thin air
As ladies line up for liberal hugs
And his help to store fertility drugs?
Margie joins them, she’s not silly,
Desperate for that house in Kirribilli.

Now this image ‘presidential’
Seems suddenly inconsequential.
As that ra ra Party rally,
Meant to prove a grand finale
To a quasi election launch
Ends with a rush up north to staunch
Can-do Campbell’s disastrous floods.
PS – TV shots so far aren’t a patch on Rudd’s.


That last line reference to Rudd makes sense when you remember those images of him in last year’s floods with trousers rolled up walking through water with some family’s suitcase on his head. Shots a PRO would die for. From commentary in main stream media and throughout the web I think that’s all this mini campaign is perceived as – a public relations exercise. As such it’s generally considered pretty inept. It was Miglo’s piece at Cafe Whispers which prodded me into writing this pome. And comments like Sue’s over there which confirm my thoughts about his rushing off to Queensland for photo opps rather than to give a real helping hand.


archiearchive 28/01/13, The pathetics are becoming more pathetic! When Abbott loses the election and gets sacked, along with his entire front bench, it will take a generation for the Libs to regenerate their talent.

gravel3, 28/01/13/ Patricia, another great pome. I wish I had your talent to concentrate on verse or something rather than sitting here and getting angry and frustrated at the abominable media coverage of politics.

Patriciawa, 29/01/13, Thanks, gravel. Yes, it does help keep me sane. I share your outrage re the manipulation of our media. Your support helps me too!

Catching up, 29/01/13, Has to be a mini fart, as I have been unable to locate a brain, no matter how small.

Scot Mcphee, 29/01/13, Abbott’s been doing two-minute sandbags up here. Yeah, that’s right, not actually helping, just posing for the photo and scarpering off like the rat he is. You’d think Newman (Abbott-lite) might learn from New Jersey’s Chris Christie, but apparently not.


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