Peta! Action Man Has A Better Plan!

Where’s the cameraman? And Tony’s protective gloves? Why no mask? Or goggles?

Toby Abbott fighting fires
Gets all the photo ops his heart desires.
He much prefers this kind of story
To Peta’s drives for PR glory.

Easier here to look ridgy didge
Than storing ova in his fridge.
More fun too, dressed up to look tough,
Than all that father of the family stuff.

And why shouldn’t he claim expenses
Working on firefront defences?
These shots, though well away from flames,
Will validate his January claims.

And this bushfire emergency
Will help him solve the urgency
Of problems with the female voter
When he’s seen on stand-by rota.

Then their doubts will drop to zero.
Women love a big strong hero.
Yeah! This is a better campaign plan!
Besides, it’s the ‘Real Tony! Action Man!’

NOTES: Lots of media comment today on Tony’s firefighting exploits. Most of it cynical. I particularly liked this one from Clarence girl. Sue from Cafe Whispers encouraged me into writing a pome here and so cracking my writer’s block which has had me in its grip since I broke my wrist from a fall on Boxing Day, December 26th.

As Sue points out

As Tony is NOT on holidays he will be eligible to claim that travelling allowance, the one he claims when he volunteers himself to do his fund raising “pollie pedal”, about $345 per day.

And that has really got me thinking about the injustice of the continued pursuit/persecution of Peter Slipper over his travel claims as an LNP member and were defended by Tony Abbott, his party leader in 2010. Margo Kingston has pointed out how they pale into insignificance compared with Abbott’s own expenses claims, somehow wangled to be on ‘government business’ even when on so called charity activities, eg Pollie Pedal, or personal issues like book launch tours for “Battle Lines.”


2gravel, 10/01/13, Welcome back from your writers block, and you have come back with a vengeance. Way to go Patricia.

clarencegirl, 10/01/13 Still grinning at that ‘pome’, Patricia!


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