We Want Our Speaker Back!

Mal Brough ambitious office seeker,
James Ashby mercenary leaker,
Though their case could not be weaker
Still brought down a first rate speaker.

How could that have come to pass?
Remember Slipper kicking ass?
And doing it with gravitas!
In Oz speak that means ‘bit o’ class.’

It wasn’t just the way he dressed
In long black gown and fancy vest.
What had watchers most impressed
Was the end of uproar and unrest.

The Chamber filled no more with cries
Of outraged members screaming, “Lies!”
In other simple ways and wise
He brought calm; fewer lows, more highs.

Prissie Pyne, censured, had to use
‘Time Out’ to find the Members’ loos,
Fearing the Speaker might refuse
To let him rise to make more POOs.

He cut time-wasteful SSO’s
Used by Abbott against his foes.
Will there be many more of those?
If Slipper’s gone for good, who knows?

His talent is too good to miss!
Pollies! Make friends, shake hands, or kiss!
One thing you must agree is this –
Order in the House with Pete was bliss!


sue, 14/12/12, That is so good patriciawa. will you email a copy to mp slipper, i am sure his family would appreciate the kindness.

Ken, 15/12/12, Patricia – agree with the sentiments of your verse. Whatever one may think of Slipper’s personal life (and there are many things to dislike and criticise), what is often overlooked is that he did make a bloody good Speaker!

Pikiranku 15/12/12, Another terrific poem, Patricia, and I agree wholeheartedly with its sentiments. I’d almost given up watching Question Time (unthinkable for a tragic such as I am) because it was so frustratingly disjointed, inaudible and unedifying under Harry Jenkins’ watch. But Peter Slipper was just getting the whole place really into line and QT was well worth watching again when he was forced to stand down. A twofold incentive for the Liberals to get rid of him, I suppose – remove an effective Speaker who had the temerity to stand up to them and bring down the legitimate government at the same time.

Truth Seeker,
15/12/12, Patricia, nice one! I agree that Slipper was a very good speaker, unfortunately I think that the LNP threw enough mud to make sure that he won’t return, Sad really, as the time he spent as speaker was the best value that we got from Slipper since he became an MP.

He is our local member, and because of the way many here mindlessly vote LNP the chances are that unless something is done, we will end up with Brough who is one sad excuse for a man! Cheers

Miglo 15/12/12, Patricia, a gem. Loved this bit:

Prissie Pyne, censured, had to use
‘Time Out’ to find the Members’ loos,
Fearing the Speaker might refuse
To let him rise to make more POOs.

15/12/12, patriciawa, first class pome. Whatever we might think of Slipper personally, he was the best Speaker we’ve had in a very long time. Noone got away with disruptive tactics and the House was orderly and business like for the first time in months.

The current Speaker is pretty damn good, but Slipper seemed made for the job. However, it remains to be seen how damaged he has been by recent events and whether the Liars will have the gall to vote against him, should he again be proposed for the role as Speaker.

I think they may fear Slipper’s revenge if he does regain the post. I look forward to seeing the bastards savagely mauled by him in the event he regains the post.

Robynne, 15/12/12, Patricia, you have once again pomed the situation with delightfull prose and as a pome lover I do truly delight in every offering.

Talk Turkey, 15/12/12, I see you really have cracked the Rhyme Barrier, all quadrhymatical couplets!

But while I agree about the order Slipper brought to the House, but I don’t with the call for his return to the Speakership for more reasons than plenty, and it’s not going to happen anyway. Anna Burke is doing fine, it empowers women of course but to see her grow into the horrid job the Abborttians have made hers (remember Pyne tongue-poking her?) is an inspiration, and must certainly be intimidating, even more so than infuriating, to the creeps on Their side.

Ad Astra, 15/12/12, Patriciawa – Delectable pome.

Archie’s Archive, 16/12/12, […] saw your favourite West Aussie poet had another beauty the other day. About Slipper being a bloody bonzer Speaker.

confessions, 27/12/12, patriciaWA: Brilliant!!!

C@tmomma, 27/12/12, PatriciaWA, You’re doing a bit of ‘kicking arse’ yourself there, lady! Well done!

mari, 08/01/13, Patricia of WA I loved your verses on our missing speaker, so true


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