He Gets a Kick from Campaign!

Tony Abbott is embattled,
Clearly he is very rattled.
Is he about to hit the wall?
‘Friends’ and foes await his fall.

His rivals pledge their loyalty
To him, as if to royalty,
Protesting that he is their liege
While all the time he’s under siege.

Murdoch tells him to persevere,
News intensifies the smear
And tales of doings sinister
In the past of our Prime Minister.

Abbott, being advised so often
His pugnacious stance to soften,
Swaps his daily verbal slaughter
For photo op with wife or daughter.

He’s no chauvinist from Hades,
He says, mingling with the ladies.
But still he has to hit out hard
With, “Gillard’s playing the victim card!”

‘Victim?’ Is he trying to inflame
The PM as he did with ‘shame?’
His popularity’s so low
Couldn’t he just have let it go?

But that’s too difficult a lesson
For him, an addict to aggression.
From fighting back he can’t refrain.
Abbott gets his kicks from campaign.

NOTES: No notes from me today. Instead I have to acknowledge the inspiration of briefly whose comment on The Poll Bludger blog, which I show below, got me thinking!

3028 briefly Posted Thursday, November 22, 2012 at 1:41 pm | Permalink

victoria, for mine, I think Abbott and his circle know that any attempt to re-construct his persona will fail. His bare-knuckle-fighter values are so strongly etched into the public consciousness that any attempt to change them is not only going to fail, it would make him look phony at the same time.

Besides, if you have always “emoted” aggression, anything also is going to feel feeble, even emasculating. So Abbott will not be able to carry that off, even if he thought it was a good idea. It is plain that Abbott has no “other” dimensions to his personality. He is doing the only thing he understands, which is to keep on oozing vitriol.

For Abbott, politics consists of just one thing: assaulting his enemies. There is no doubt that he sees and experiences politics as a permanent conflict – as a contest, a fight-to-the-end. In any fight, the antagonists experience heightened tension and arousal. In this case, the more adrenalin and testosterone and endorphins that are released, the more Abbott enjoys it, and the more he enjoys it the more frequently he must repeat the process. He is addicted to it. You might say, he gets his kicks from campaign!

Anything more from me is obviously superfluous, particularly when there is a wonderful cartoon like this from Fiona Katauskas of New Matilda


Truth Seeker, 23/11/12, Patricia, spot on, and one of your best. A good rhyme is just so satisfying to write and read.
BTW, thanks for your suggestion to Migs. Cheers

2gravel, 23/11/12 Another great pome, and great acknowledgement to the person you got the inspiration from. (TPS – Patriciawa – Another great pome, can I say “Ahh McCain, you’ve done it again.”)

briefly, 24/11/12, Thank you so much for the lyric, Patricia: supple, clear and precise. You have a very personal voice and response. It’s great to see


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