Alan Jones Really Is Sorry!

Alan Jones is indeed ashamed,
Not unrepentant as some have claimed.
Is he guilty of sedition
As thousands say in that petition?

There are some things which are not clear.
Was it his or Tony Abbott’s idea
To cut that film so it implied
Here was footage which showed she lied?

Traduce a Prime Minister?
That is a crime, very sinister!
Yet he broadcast that lie on air
And Abbott told it everywhere.

Jones ignored all the Lefties’ ire
When he called their leader, “Ju-liar!”
Or more cruel still, “Bob Brown’s Bitch,”
Urging crowds to, “Burn the witch!”

Better still, “Put her in a bag,
Drop her in the sea! Drown the hag!

As his old Dad would say, “Like chaff!”
Anyway it had raised a laugh.

But, looking back, he’d much rather
Not have joked about her father.
For that he’s happy to be blamed.
It was thoughtless and he’s ashamed.

And so he will apologise.
You know him. He won’t be telling lies
When he says he is truly sorry
To fellow shareholders at Macquarie.

Acknowledgement to Lindsay Foyle of New Matilda for inspiration!


After all that’s been written this week about Alan Jones’s faux pas at Sydney University Young Liberals Club notes from me backgrounding this pome are probably superfluous. So this is more for myself to remind me of how I felt about this almost seismic shift in public opinion. Of course it was no minor error but a grievous insult not only to our Prime Minister but against all decent standards of behaviour which should have crossed any political divide. This was immediately acknowledged by Malcolm Turnbull when the story broke, but sadly not by his Party leader, Tony Abbott.

So there has been considerable political fall-out from Abbott’s failure to respond with any real sensitivity not only to the personal distress caused the Prime Minister and her family, but also to the broader issue of misogyny and the attitude towards women whether in positions of authority or in Australian society generally. The latter seemed to be underlined by the huge outpouring of grief in Melbourne this weekend caused by the brutal rape and murder of a popular young woman, Jill Meagher, snatched from a main thoroughfare not far from her home.

The failure of our media to protect the holder of the highest office in the land from the sort of verbal and physical abuse countless women suffer in their homes, their workplaces and on the streets of our cities is in itself a scandal. That many in the Murdoch dominated media were themselves active participants in that abuse had begun to be acknowledged recently, even before the death of John Gillard and the disrespect towards him displayed by Alan Jones. In early August Denis Atkins had acknowledged that Tony Abbott

will not shy away from any untruth in his campaign to brand Gillard an untrustworthy liar. It is the most reckless and audacious politicking most observers including this one can remember.

This is in 2012 after two years of this “audacious politicking” and the distortion of this statement

“There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead……but lets be absolutely clear. I am determined to price carbon.”

What she actually said is shown below in my Post Script of 10/11/2012, but it was initially presented as above and thereafter further distorted.  This distortion has been used by Alan Jones broadcasting daily on Radio Macquarie and by Tony Abbott in press conferences nationwide and in Parliament, echoed by most of our main stream media.  For over two years now it has been used to berate our Prime Minister daily and attempt to destroy her reputation.   Somehow she has survived  all that and disproved what is their great big lie, and given the right moment people have objected strongly as they have done via channels like Vox Populi.     L0ok how quickly that was heard and responded to by Radio Macquarie’s sponsors and advertisers through on-line petitions and emails and Twitter.

POSTSCRIPT November 10, 2012

For sure Alan Jones is feeling very sorry about the part he played in that. But what about our main stream media? Surely they could have challenged the Coalition lie about the so called Carbon Tax lie on the basis of the Australian story on August 20th, 2010, when Julia Gillard was reported very clearly not ruling out a carbon price.


In an election-eve interview with The Australian, the Prime Minister revealed she would view victory tomorrow as a mandate for a carbon price, provided the community was ready for this step.

“I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism,” she said of the next parliament. “I rule out a carbon tax.”



Nasking, 05/10/12, Patricia, luv the poem/pome. Good stuff.

Victoria, 07/10/12, Another entertaining contribution.

KINKAJOU, 07/10/12, Patricia …not sorry ENOUGH….yet a few weeks of no
income…may have more of an idea about sorry.

NormanK, 05/10/12, Thank-you for a very clever pome. You’re right, the only
sincere apology that Jones might make is to the station’s shareholders.

nef, 15//11/12, patricia, where did you get that quote from “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead……but lets be absolutely clear. I am determined to price carbon.” I’ve seen this floating around a lot recently. The full interview – and it was actually on Ten News in – is on YouTube. She doesn’t say what you quote.

Patriciawa, 15/11/12, My bad, nef, I should have named my source there, but I too was quoting from one of several written accounts. I tried very hard to find the original video which I recall seeing, though did not note at the time, it having no great significance for me. Having no joy in my search I began to wonder if perhaps my memory failed me (it’s a very old one!) or to wonder if it was possible for items to be removed from the net. I’d be glad of the link to the recording you mention, though I think it’s one I saw and dismissed as not what I recalled. Mind you, you’d think the ALP would have done a better job of insisting on what she actually said, wouldn’t you? Whatever her actual words it’s astonishing that Abbott has been allowed to even get away with the logic about her so-called “lie” unless they wanted him to do what he has done and drown himself in over-kill.


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