Running For Office


Tony Abbott is running for office
The highest in all the South Land
As the favorite of the bosses
He’s got his victory speech all planned.

But his rival is proving a tough nut,
Unexpectedly for a female,
Metaphorically kicking his butt,
And his strength is beginning to fail.

“It’s a marathon race, not a sprint,”
She whispers, all womanly and small.
He shivers and shakes as he gets the hint.
She will tail him till he hits the wall.


Tony Abbott is steadily losing ground to Julia Gillard in the latest Newspoll which reveals a trend also confirmed by Nielson. Her remarkable personal resilience, her government’s legislative achievements and the soundness of the national economy must have been getting him down privately for some time, no matter how loudly he proclaimed her ineptitude and her government’s failings to the public.

This week he foolishly and flatly denied an anecdote recounted by David Marr from his student days which depicted him as a misogynistic bully. The idea that he could have menacingly punched the wall behind the head of a woman who had defeated him in a student election seemed very credible in light of what is generally perceived to be his character by his political critics, at least.

Ad Astra succinctly covers the pros and cons of the media coverage of The Punch so I won’t go further into it except to say how delicious I found the idea of Tony Abbott hitting that wall. He is a distance runner, often running marathons, so would be very familiar with the term ‘hitting the wall’ or sudden extreme fatigue. It’s a loss of strength experienced in endurance sports such as cycling and running, caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles, and is particularly feared by marathon runners. It may be fanciful, but I like to think that Julia Gillard knew about this and had already made a shrewd assessment of Tony Abbott when she observed that poor polling didn’t worry her because she viewed the struggle with him and the Coalition as more of a marathon race than a sprint.

This littlie pome plays with the idea of Tony Abbott suddenly realizing that Julia Gillard has his measure and will out- run him. She will wear him down. He will hit the wall. He will not win office.

A comment by georgeousdunny1 a blogger at THE PUB on April 15th, 2013,  and the dreadful Boston marathon shootings brought me back to this post suggesting an update.

Thanks for the reminder, georgeousdunny1.

Tony Abbott, running for office,
The highest in all the South Land,
Was the favorite of the bosses
And had his victory speech all planned.

His rival has proved a tough nut,
Surprisingly for a female,
Metaphorically kicked his butt.
Could his strength be starting to fail?

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint,”
She whispers, womanly and small.
He privately shakes, gets the hint.
She will tail him till he hits the wall.


21/09/12,      What a great pome, Patricia. I read with lots of hope that you are right. Well done. Have you recovered from your wonderful hug from Julia? And I really hope your leg is healing well.

Patriciawa,     21/09/12,      I’m glad you liked it, gravel! You seem to be the only one who’s noticed it! I rather liked imagining that Julia Gillard had Tones all sussed out and that she knew it was only a matter of time before he dropped in his tracks or blew a fuse.

Thanks for the enquiry too, gravel. I am almost back to normal now that I can drive and go to the gym. Ten minutes or so on the exercise bike works has worked wonders in the last few days. I am truly amazed at what can be achieved by modern surgery. It’s hard to imagine that less than three months ago I had a pin inserted at my broken knee joint and also a graft from my hip bone to re-construct my knee cap.

     22/09/12,     Wonderful Mum! xx


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