Denying The Master!

Thursday, August 30, 2012.

Acknowledgements to Alan Moir  for permission to use his brilliant work.

Though almost half a dozen years away,
For Tony Abbott it’s just yesterday,
When all was right in the world because
John Howard was in charge of Oz.

Through the years since then it’s been his mission
To restore the mighty Coalition
To government. He the natural heir,
Has his ministry waiting there.

No learners these,  nor needing policies.
Howard’s men,  with all the qualities
Required to rule,  ready to replace
Gillard’s gang,  a basket case.

Honest John and friends all raise their voices,
Now we’ll reinstate Work Choices!
“That was two PMs ago!”
Tony says,  aghast.  “No!     NO!     NO!”

Those were the days, weren’t they, Tony?Abbott Howard


Ad Astra of the Political Sword thinks that Abbott man is disintegrating   and he quotes plenty of evidence of that.   But for me the most significant sign of Abbott’s cracking has been the dramatic distancing of himself from his hero, John Howard.

On the 18th of August, Tony Abbott was promising to return Australia to the “golden age” of the Howard government under his “incoming Coalition government”.   Whatever one’s view of politics no one could doubt his commitment and sincerity as in a speech to the South Australian Liberals he talked about the close ties between the Coalition party he is leading in Opposition and the government he once served in as a Minister under John Howard.  Sixteen of his current shadow ministry had served in Howard’s cabinet until 2007.  They were experienced hands, ready to serve in government again, he vowed.  He and they had all done the job before.

“There won’t be questions about the judgment of an incoming Coalition government because an incoming Coalition government has shown good judgment in the past and that’s where there is going to be such a contrast between an incoming Coalition government and the government that we currently have.”

Mr Abbott once described himself as the political love child of John Howard and Bronwyn Bishop and has has often harked back to the golden years of the Howard era.  To hear him promise a return to them so fulsomelely and with such confidence came as no surprise.  What did surprise me was that within ten days he was so forthrightly denying the legacy of his mentor. There was no rationalising or attempt at softening his statement on 27th of August.   It was of the order of Peter denying his Lord.  Abbott was having to repudiate an article of faith.   It may not have been from a cock but there would have been crowing in Canberra when he said,

”Let’s face it, John Howard is two prime ministers ago…….John Howard is three Liberal leaders ago. That was then, this is now. There is no going back to the past.”

This represents an astonishing turnaround, an almost illogical volte-face that can perhaps only be explained by a psychological cracking of the kind described by Ad Astra’s theory of disintegration.   Ad Astra’s post records a week of  stressful interviews for Abbott which had begun with his extraordinarily hubristic speech about an Abbott Coalition government restoring the Howard golden years and was to end with that admission of defeat………………”there is no going back to the past!”  


Alan Moir,     31/08/12,      Lovely piece, Patricia.

Truth Seeker,    31/08/12,    Patricia, another gem.

2gravel,     31/08/12,     Well done again Patricia, I really love the way you background where you get your inspiration for your pome’s.

Pappinbarra Fox,     01/09/12,    I believe that Mr Abbott would be correctly diagnosed as a sociopath despite his mates and people who know him at the surf club claiming him to be a “good bloke”. But isn’t this part of the pathology? To be a good bloke only in the company of people he feels comfortably superior to and therefore has nothing to fear about them while at the same time displaying all the tics, swagger and confrontation with people and ideas he fears and feels extremely insecure about.  Oh and a good pome too.

Mary,     07/08/12,      Hi patricia.   Saw your post. On pb.    How wonderful    I wondered if u got my return email ,   As the name is different than below   You. May of thought it spam

Patriciawa,   07/08/12,    Hi Mary!   I thought I had recorded and  replied to your last comment to me.   I’ve certainly seen this one.   I’ve had such a great response to my comments about the Community Cabinet, I have to find a way to incorporate them and all the encouraging remarks from PB and TPS bloggers into a post here.

PS To this comment.  I’ve just had the email I sent to you alerting you re your comment recorded above and your compliment at PB returned to me as invalid recipient.  Is there a problem with your new address as you’ve written it here?

Mary,     07/09/12,   That’s better.    I often think if. The pm visited, would make aquick batch of scones ,served with aprirot jam and cream get out. My wedegewood, linen surviettes, have afternoon tea fit for a special Lady.  But I’m betting the pm would grab a tea towel, and we would chat while washing and drying the wedgewood solving all problems together.  A big thankyou cuddle to end a perfect visit.   Patricia cherish the day.

Shani,      20/04/13, This is my first time visit at here and i am in fact happy to read all at single place.

Patriciawa,      21/04/13, Thanks, Shani. It’s great to have new friends to remind me to get stuck back into a more regular writing routine. I’ve had a couple of minor mishaps since mid 2012, broken limbs in separate incidents. But now I’m fully restored, and Abbott is still there, as appalling as ever but hasn’t yet disintegrated. Though I think Murdoch’s recent visit here may have been to make sure that he doesn’t. ALP looks like getting away with that NBN of theirs. Or will they? We’ll see on September 14th.


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