Tony Still Wants to Axe That Tax!


Cartoon by Lindsay Foyle

Thanks to Lindsay Foyle for the cartoon,

Things have changed since they passed the carbon tax,
But Tony Abbott says we must still face facts.
Don’t be fooled into calling it a ‘price.’
That’s Gillard pretending that it’s something nice.

A science of climate change philosophy?
Crap! The carbon tax will cause catastrophe!
He stands by every one of his predictions,
Though Combet called them deceits and fictions!’

The doom he foretold will come to Whyalla.
That town will prove a false Valhalla
To Labor dupes who stayed to prove him wrong.
Emerson will regret his silly song.

Look how we Aussies have been distracted
From how our landscape has been impacted
By recent heavy Chinese  investment
Which now needs scrutiny and assessment.

And coming in are credible reports
About the harm that tax has done our sports!
The world’s too hot? Ice caps no longer cold?
Who cares?   Oz has lost its will for winning gold!

Acknowledgements to Kudelka for his so apt Gold Tax cartoon!


Gravel,     05/07/12,   Well done again Patriciawa. I am pleased to see your pomes again on TPS, and this one seems to have some extra zip in it. (PS, finally contacted wordpress and got problem sorted, so can now comment again, I am thrilled).

Truth Seeker,     05/07/12,     The word prolific comes to mind.  Nice one.  Cheers.


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