Phoney Tony – the No No Man!

Thanks to Alan Moir for this inspiration but Tony the phoney is no Popeye Man

Abbott Law of Sea-0001

Abbott’s no fighting man
Like Popeye the Sailor Man.
Him fight to the finish?
He hasn’t demolished
Even one ALP plan.

He might try to fool ya
He’s tougher than Julia,
But he aint on the square.
He’s biffed  ‘er and buffed ‘er
And tried to out rough ‘er
But never gets anywhere.

You know what the facts is –
It’s just Liberal taxes
Which hurt the working man.
He thinks he’ll win votes
By stopping the boats
And playing the big strong man.

Insult Indonesia?
He thinks that’ll please ya –
That’s all  part of his plan.
He says he’s no coward
And just like John Howard!
“Yeah! That’s the man wot I am!”

“If them admirals risk
Feeling the strength of my fisk,
It’s boff an’ it’s wham understand?
All of their scrutiny
I’ll treat as mutiny
When I run Downunderland!”

But don’t you believe him.
His ego deceives him.
Just like the Can-do man,
He’s not good for Australia.
Let make sure he’s a failure,
A loser – an also-ran.
Cos that’s the real Tony – the phoney!
The No No Man!


NOTES:   Acknowledgements to my friend, Talk Turkey, poet in residence over at the Political Sword,  for his his help with the title for this and his very constructive criticism of my first draft.    If you’re too young to know who Popeye is or too old to remember him clearly, or just need reminding how to sing the Popeye song go here for a real treat and help with understanding my pome!

Alan Moir is my favorite cartoonist and I found his depiction of Tony Abbott as Popeye as in my last pome irresistable as an illustration to my last pome.  But I did have reservations about comparing would-be tough man Tony Abbott with the loveable comic strip hero of legend.  I received a fair bit of feedback confirming my hunch too, particularly over at The Political Sword from Talk Turkey who gave generously of his time with helpful comments.  Then Alan Moir produced this latest depiction of Abbott burning the law of the sea in his pipe and gave me the opportunity to redeem myself with Popeye fans.

Today’s latest boat arrival with an apparent death already having occurred will give all parties an opportunity to show how real their grief was over the tragedy in June and if they have shifted ground at all.    Will we hear from Tony Abbott from overseas about this latest arrival with children on board should should have been turned around and sent back to Indonesia?   Will he decide at last to work with Angus Houston’s group in finding some compromise.   Or will he, as usual, just say, “No!”


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