Working Class Girl

Hear about that ranga sheila,
Fighting the big end of town?
Boofhead Abbott says he’ll beat her.
“No worries mate! She’ll soon lie down!”
But oh no! She’s a working class girl!

Raised in a working family
She believes in a fair go,
But she’s no revolutionary,
She would be if she had to though.
Oh yes, she’s just a working class girl.

Made friends around the neighbourhood,
Went to school on the local bus,
They keep in touch as old mates should.
“She’s great!” they say. “Still talks like us.”
‘Course she would, she’s a working class girl.

Her Dad worked hard, his shifts were long,
Nursing oldies in their pain.
He taught his kid how to be strong
But helping others is no strain.
Yes, for sure, she’s a working class girl.

Learned too as her mother’s daughter
A woman’s work aint ever done.
And never paid how much it oughta
As if she’d been her father’s son.
That’s life for a working class girl.

So now she’s gonna change all that
Help working folk like me and you,
Who always had to pass the hat
For battlers without a brass razoo.
She knows, cos she’s a working class girl.

julia gillard

Apologies to Jimmy Barnes

Now our polliepomes version can be found in Windows Media Library Music if you link for Working Class Girl.  My thanks to the singer who recorded but even today (09/06/2016) has not identified themselves!  Love to hear from them!

NOTES:    Julia Gillard’s voice and accent are often criticised by her detractors.  For me it is one of her great assets.   It is both distinct and distinctive.   When you listen to that voice you hear what she has to say.  Every word is crystal clear.  Nor is there any doubt as to who is speaking.   At the same time it distinguishes her as an Australian, of working class origin.

She has been well educated in our state school system, gone to university and become a lawyer.   No doubt she has often been counselled to moderate the tone of her voice and to soften her accent.  But throughout her legal career which often required courtroom advocacy and her years of political activism which involved much public speaking she has resisted such counsel.  Her accent is immediately recognisable as South Australian,  from suburban Adelaide,  and with a hint of Welsh.  That she gets from her mum and dad who were born among the colliery workers of Glamorganshire in Wales.  Their coming to Australia as ten pound poms in the 1960’s was for clean air and sunshine to heal tiny Julia’s weak chest.

Now she has grown up to become our Prime Minister and mixes with the most powerful in the land. She is a forceful speaker in Parliamentary debate and eloquent at public functions.  She is listened to with respect when she speaks for Australia in international forums.     She is as effective on the world stage as any national leader.   Yet she is always herself.  And one of us – a working class girl.


Talk Turkey,       20/06/12,     Patricia,  I haven’t tried to sing it, yet, because I don’t know the tune well enough, yet, it’s more complex than the bush ballads which are about my limit, but I can say already that this particular effort would stand even as a piece of prose, it is splendid as verse, I’ll just assume it’s potentially perfect musically too. If not just go through it a few times with the music in your head and make any adjustments. It is the simple common touch, both hers and your own, that comes through and makes this powerful – especially to women, where powerful means having the potential to change minds.   You are doing noble work Comrade Patricia, this is some of your best.

Ad Astra,     20/06/12,    Patriciawa That is good verse and well matched to the Jimmy Barnes song.

Gravel,     21/06/12,    Your pome is just fantastic, well done again.

Talk Turkey,    21/06/12,   Gravel said and I second  PatriciaWA.  Your pome is just fantastic, well done again.    Bard(ine) of the Blogosphere

outside left,     21/06/12,   Well done Patricia, love it.

Catching up,    21/06/12,    The PM still has that nice smile!

archiearchive,    21/06/12,    Oh how wonderful! We have been lacking new Labor songs and this should become a classic!

Sue,     09/07/12,    I think what worries Abbott the most is that Julia Gillard is not attached to the title of PM. Rather the values derived from her upbringing and the position she holds means as PM she has the opportunity to drive progress for all Australians.


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