Why Leave The West?

Young Christian Porter has come out in the west,
To say that in Canberra his chances are best.
His decision could bring his Premier undone
‘Cos up until now he’s been Liberal top gun.
In the East the search for a champion so far
Has yielded no one to compare with this star.

He stands tall and strong with a beautiful wife,
All things a plus for the political life.
He is fighting fit for the battles to come
Armies are gathering to the beat of his drum.
He has rivals in Perth and in Sydney, what’s more,
Who’d like to unseat him as he rides off to war.

There’s jovial Joe Hockey and sad Andrew Robb,
Mad monk Tony too; they all fear for their job.
But Tony has told him there’s plenty of room
In his ‘team Abbott’ with its message of doom.
He’s promised to welcome him, and what is more.
He’s written that promise in his very own gore.

So alike, these two blokes. Who’d tell them apart?
This Christian, like Tony, is no bleeding heart.
Hard on boat people who dare cross our border,
He’s always calling for more law and order.
He wants to help ‘good’ folk to feel more secure,
With little concern for the young and the poor.

But poor Tony Abbott is losing his grip
So Porter’s a favorite for Fed leadership.
That makes pre-selection much easier for Pearce
Competition for which has always been fierce.
Now if Barnett makes offers of doors left ajar
He can smile ever so sweetly and say, “Au revoir!”

Where’s the fair damsel in this quest for glory?
There’s heroine and hero in every story.
Though he has a wife and no plans to un-marry,                There’s engagement to come with much thrust and parry.
Yes!  More than his match, she will challenge. “En garde!”
“You’re on!”   Oh, why leave the West to take on Gillard!



NOTES:    The media buzz and speculation around Christian Porter’s decision to resign his positions of Treasurer and Attorney General in Colin Barnett’s WA state government has many people here puzzled. His so called ‘star’ quality reputation comes simply from being a clever and articulate individual who stands out amongst a team of comparative duds.  He has shown no team building capacity and little leadership potential in his meteoric rise to senior state cabinet positions since first winning a by-election for Murdoch in 2007 and then gaining the newly created seat of Bateman in 2008.

A lawyer, however, with a brilliant academic background and workaholic habits he was the obvious candidate for Attorney General when Colin Barnett had a surprising resurrection to Liberal Party leadership and election as Premier in 2008.  Treasurer Troy Buswell’s fall from grace over his affair with Greens MLA,  Adele Carles,  handed Porter his second senior cabinet position on a plate.  From then on he became Premier Barnett’s ‘go to’ man.   The zeal with which he has taken on his responsibilities should not be confused with progressive reformist vision.   Conservative Liberal Party blood runs in his veins back to before his grandfather, Charles Porter,  in Queensland became one of Robert Menzies foundation members of the party.   Family and Liberal party connections here explain the ease with which he has so far won pre-selection for safe seats.  

His academic achievements and experience in political law are outlined in Wiki.  A more colorful picture of Porter,  is shown on Aerchie’s Archive where his career is outlined by a progressive leftie.  I’m a rusted on Labor supporter too so I shudder to think this man could fall into the leadership of the federal Liberal Party at a time when Tony Abbott’s popularity remains so deservedly low.  This could happen when at the same time the Coalition seem undeservedly electable.   If Malcolm Turnbull remains unacceptable to the right faction of the Liberals, with Andrew Robb washed out and Joe Hockey having lost credibility,  Christian Porter could well rapidly fluke his way into a top job federally as he did in WA .    Before that can happen, of course,  the Coalition have to win the election in 2013.   Whatever the polls are saying now,  commentators like Peter Van Olsenen are pointing out that the Liberal and National parties need a lot more talent than they have at present.   Party organisers know that too.  Hence the talent quest.   To a lot of observers Christian Porter looks like a winner.  Is he really?

He is personable and forthright and,  as the media keeps saying,  has a beautiful wife.   That said, although no one could have quite the agressive pugnacity of a Tony Abbott but there are similiarities.  His religion is unknown, not declared, so I can’t accuse him of being an Opus Dei member, but in other ways he looks to me like a younger version of Tony Abbott.   I see from his About Christian blog that he’s no mean sportsman, a football player and a keen runner like Abbott;  they both have that fanatically fit, athletic look about them.  (Not that I should hold that against either of them, but as a one time distance runner myself I know the obsessive selfishness that requires!)    His blog confirms all that I read and hear about him in State news.  He wants to protect me, keep the streets safe around me and maintain law and order by giving a ‘modernised’  police force more power to help them better control drunkenness and drug addiction.  He is advocating changes to the legal definition of a ‘child’ for troublesome teenagers.  Oh, and it’s not on his site, but he does not like brothels at all and wants them banned from all suburban areas.

PS   I hope my pome introducing these notes has echoes of Sir Walter Scott’s Young Lochinvar who came out of the west.   If young Christian Porter who comes out of the West does find fame and fortune in Canberra and the Liberal Party I am sure it will be short lived when Julia gets at him.  Hence my title’s inference,  “Why bother,  Christian?”


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