Thomson’s Gazump. Or Was That A Gazelle?

It was the Member for Dobell,
Deciding he would cross the floor,
Who sent Tony Abbott pell mell
Running for the chamber door.

Delicious irony! Farewell,
Keys to The Lodge, for evermore!
That’s a story pollies will tell
For many years to come, for sure.

The man condemned to living hell
In a cruel, relentless war
Fought back, unexpectedly so well
He brought his enemy to the floor.

Time will come for the final bell,
There’s a bit of action still in store.
But will anything this tale excel
In Aussie parliamentary lore?

POST SCRIPT 22/03/13/ – sure enough

Now when he’s not doing too well
And he’s hungry for an extra vote
Abbott gives Craig Thomson a bell
And even greater cause to gloat.

NOTES:     Reading about Tony Abbott’s undoing in his undignified dash in the House of Representatives in a panic reaction to Craig Thomson’s decision to cross the floor and vote with the Coalition has been very satisfying indeed.   Even more  satisfying  for the writer of polliepomes has been the satire it gave rise to.  Aside from the irony of it being Craig Thomson who triggered the rush to the doors and Tony Abbott,  famed athlete of the House not making it before the doors were locked,  unlike Prissie “Poo” Pyne who was so proud of his achievement and described himself as running like a gazelle!   What an opportunity that was, with Thomson’s Gazelle  (It is truly spelt without a ‘p.’) and its bringing to mind  gazump which can mean trickery or a bit of one-upmanship,  aside from its real estate connotations.

My political view, once I had stopped laughing,  was encapsulated by Ad Astra at The Political Sword that this was all typical of Tony Abbott’s increasingly irrational behaviour in his obsessive quest for the Prime Ministership.

Evidence of this unhinging was starkly displayed when he attempted to scurry from the House on Wednesday to avoid having to count Craig Thomson’s vote among the Coalition’s on a gag motion, all to justify his unconstitutional insistence that the vote of the member for Dobell’s vote should not count, even although this would disenfranchise voters in that electorate. It looked childish; it was. It further damaged his credibility and that of the Coalition.

POST SCRIPT 22/03/13 Craig Thomson reports that Tony Abbott has phoned him, brazenly seeking his vote in a motion of No Confidence against the the government.


Min,     01/06/12,   Patricia, brilliant as always.

Patriciawa,    01/06/12,    responding to Sue’s chicken and egg comment I’m sure we can come up with more!

Sue,      01/06/12,    great pome.   the poster with the chicken /egg comment is good.     

Ad Astra,    01/06/12,     Patriciawa,    First, thank you for your kind remarks and your delightful pome, so apt.  I’m glad that you enjoyed the piece, and that you read it on your Think-Pad.  Beware, such devices are addictive!

I too looked for the author of the cartoon, but for the life of me could not work out the ‘signature’ in the bottom right of the cartoon.  But as that signature was there, I felt that attribution was being made although I couldn’t make out who it was.   Here is the URL of the Facebook page where I found it:

Talk Turkey,     01/06/12,    Pefectionist tragic Paticiawa said   Thomson’s Gazump. Or Was That A Gazelle?

I say Bravo Craig of Dobell!
Yes indeed, you gazzumped ’em so well!
And wouldn’t that Poo-Poo
Look cute in a tu-tu
Performing as Thomson’s Giselle!

And Patricia you have cracked the rhyming barrier now haven’t you, I know because I did that myself lang syne, and it really makes you appreciate the wealth of words in English, there’s hardly anything that you can’t rhyme (or at least wing it with). Your rhymes are ever more hilarious and clever, (the best ever I think may have been Ogden Nash,  just to keep us humble.)

Catching up,    01/06/12,   “He brought his enemy to the floor”

I believe he failed to do this. Patricia, you are being kind, giving credit were it is not due.   In fact he has failed to lay one glove on the female opponent.  Woe is Abbott, one that can never obtain that goal he was told in his nappies, was his to take.    It could not be right, that the females in his life were so wrong.

Pikiranku,     01/06/12,   PatriciaWA, if you haven’t found this out already, I think that cartoonist is Sean Leahy.

billie,      03/06/12,     Thanks PatriciaWA for another wonderfulpoem.

Sean Leahy,     07/06/12,     Hi Patricia.  I enjoyed your post and thanks for the attribution.      The correct page for the full cartoon is from the archives is:    Though is fine. If you are interested in other cartoons and the comment streams my publicly accessible Facebook link is: Kind Regards,   Sean Leahy.


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