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Here’s good news that’s not been aired.
Of anywhere to live Oz is now the best.
An OECD Report’s declared
Australia beats Norway and U.S.
Would you believe our personal wealth
Of all the world’s amongst the highest,
Plus education and general health?
“No,” says Andrew Robb, “That report is biassed.”

Joe Hockey too comes out to claim
That someone in United Nations
Gave wrong info with the obvious aim
Of making Oz the ideal destination
For people smugglers everywhere.
“They’ll bring their hordes across the seas
Who all believe that we must share
With them, just because they’re refugees.”

Tony Abbott kicks in a door,
Runs out half naked to the beach,
There lets out an angry roar
And makes a loud impassioned speech.
“These statistics are Julia Gillard’s lies!
No one should believe in them!
True happiness for Oz cannot arise
Till she is gone!   And I’m PM!

NOTES:   Bruce Petty’s cartoon says it all for me.   Australia can’t hear itself being acknowledged as the world’s best country to live in!  There seems to be no good news In our newspapers and  radio and TV.  All we’ve been hearing is scandal,  rumors of leadership challenges,  government ineptitude and continual crises threatening to push Australia into endless debt and misery.   All this in a country which has a triple A international credit rating and miniscule government debt.  As well for the first time in many decades we have miraculously low levels of unemployment, RBA cash rate and inflation – key economic indicators, all reported to be less than five per cent.   Internationally our treasurer, Wayne Swann has been acknowledged the world’s best.  This month the OECD named Australia as the world’s most prosperous in terms of economic well being,  personal wealth and health and other social indicators.  

We have a government, albeit working with a hung parliament,  which is managing our economy well,  balancing our budget,  encouraging massive resource and maintaining business confidence and yet we whinge.   Julia Gillard seems to have the country’s best interests at heart with her reforms for the environment,  aged care,  national disability insurance and expenditure on education.  Still she is criticized and denigrated in news reports all suggesting her government is unstable with Tony Abbott and his Coalition party likely to win government if an election were called soon.  His continuous negativity and whingeing has encouraged the same frame of mind in the country at large.

He has achieved that by fomenting an atmosphere of scandal and unrest in the national capital, with the support of mainstream media who headline the bad news and sideline the good.   But perhaps he has gone too far in threatening the Member for Dobell with continued pressure unless he resigns.  As well, the Aussie sense of a fair go is coming into play here.  Abbott is increasingly seen as a bully,  kicking a man who is already down.  Today’s Newspoll shows that he is losing ground in the leaderships stakes and that Julia Gillard is holding her own.

The reporting of this Newspoll has so far been astonishingly straight for News Limited and other mainstream media.   It does seem that they are coming to terms with the good news about this country and its government.  Even after their media blitz,  helping Tony Abbott do his worst,  Julia Gillard is holding her own as Prime Minister.  She is still there and leading a government  which is showing the world how to run an economy.

I wonder how Tony Abbott feels today?

POST SCRIPT 04/01/13 at Victoria and bushfirebill report on yet another report placing Australia second only to Switzerland in the world as the best place to live.


billie,     30/05/12,    Crikey’s First Dog on the Moon has a great cartoon today Wednesday illustrating this

Patriciawa,     30/05/12,    Thanks, billie.    Brilliant, isn’t it?   Somehow satire gets to the the point of an argument so much more easily than any news column commentary.

Gravel,     23/05/12,    Excelled pome again, you do have the gift.

Talk Turkey,   23/05/12,    Speaking of Pomes – Patricia –

Your rhymes get better all the time –
I always love that double rhyme!

BH, 04/01/13, Love that poem Patricia.


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