Yes, I do believe him………..but have doubts about her!


I believed him, thought what he said was true.
His story’s unchanged. He’s said nothing new.
But the lady protests so oft, methinks,
Increasingly the air around her stinks.

Her stories change and are embellished
In many interviews, each one relished
By her audience, the peoples’ jury!
So why is he the focus of her fury?

What did he do to deserve this hell,
The unhappy member for Dobell,
When her entitlements have swollen
To far outweigh the sum she claims he’s stolen?

Isn’t it time we really got to know her,
This ‘heroine’, this ‘whistleblower’?
Who are her friends, lovers, connections?
Why for her so much media protection?

Why do editors find it so very hard
To spot an extra ‘p’ on a phony credit card?
If investigative journos checked out his alibis
Couldn’t they prove which of them is telling lies?

NOTES:   The response of mainstream media to Craig Thomson’s statement to the House of Representatives on Monday has been one of derision and almost universal denial of his charge that most of them were responsible for his plight.  Not surprisingly the Opposition have used the explanation for which they have  been calling for so long as an opportunity to expand their already extended trial and condemnation of him.

I regret that the title of my pome suggests that I think I have the right to judge Craig Thomson’s guilt or innocence and would much prefer to support the Prime Minister’s efforts to leave this matter to the  courts, if indeed a charge is ever brought against him which so far there has not.   Now, however,  the public debate is about his  personal credibility  when weighed against the huge disbelief expressed by the Opposition in Parliament,  most media commentators and apparently,  public  opinion,  if on-line polls are anything to go by.

Not surprisingly, at my favorite blog sites at Cafe Whispers, The Political Sword and the Poll Bludger there is a substantial amount of support for the Member for Dobell, informed by and linked as they all are to the research done by Peter Wicks or Wixxy and published by Independent Australia.    I think that comments by people like Psyclaw are typical of those sites.  i.e. that in his opinion Craig Thomson was telling the truth.

Having ‘nailed our colors to the mast’  as he put it, in terms of our belief in Thomson’s personal credibility there are many other questions that need answering.  For myself the most important is about the media’s failure to follow up with normal investigative journalism a story they believe to be of such wide interest .    Given that somehow access has been given to credit card vouchers with addresses of brothels and hotels Craig Thomson is supposed to have visited why have none been contacted or efforts made to track down at least one woman who might be willing to sell her story of having met, and indeed serviced, the not unattractive Mr. Thomson?   As well, there is plenty of material in the printed media and on recorded broadcast interviews which show how determined Kathy Jackson is to blame Craig Thomson alone for corrupt practices at the Health Services Union which seem to predate his tenure there from 2002 to 2007, and have certainly continued since he left.  Remember too that even during the past month HSU members have brought charges against Kathy Jackson herself and which cover her entire tenure there.   Though reported prominently in the Australian at the time  they seem to have sunk from sight. 

Today, 24/05/12,  Fair Work Australia have set in train proceedings against three HSU officers, not including Craig Thomson, but naming Jeff Jackson, ex-husband of Kathy Jackson, and who figured in a scandal around ‘adult services’ almost identical to that allegedly involving the member for Dobell.

Update 25/05/12,  Further to those initiatives by FWA yesterday Peter Wicks has written a further exposé on the HSU saga  confirming that Kathy Jackson has a lot more questions to answer about moneys she and her now ex-husband Jeff had been withdrawing from the Union funds for years before Craig Thomson took up his position as National secretary. 

Update 07/09/14, Hindsight, two years passing and evidence unfolding at the Royal Commission into Trade Unions, are proving my gut response to Kathy Jackson justified. Peter Wicks has written an excellent overview of the HSU affair in introducing his interview with Craig Thomson.  


Gravel,          23/05/12,     Thanks a million for another of your brilliant pomes.  So many questions, but as we know the media are too busy running the Noppositions side that they won’t look at any inconsistency by any one other the Labor.  This total rubbish about Craig Thomson misleading parliament is a whole lot of b–ls–t.  That was clear from the start that the media and opposition were going to run that line from the minute Craig T said he give a statement to parliament

Victoria,   23/05/12,    PatriciaWA,   Wonderful. Really enjoyed it!

Dee,     23/05/12,     Patricia,   I thoroughly enjoyed your polliepome.  Well done!

Pip,     23/05/12,     Hi patricia, excellent post as usual. :smile:

Nasking,    23/05/12,    You are a good poet Patricia.   Frankly, I don’t believe either of them. Jackson nor Thomson.   I do worry about the man’s health. And Jackson’s ego. It might eat her alive.   I reckon both have brought the reputation of the union down…both have probably exploited their positions……

Panda,    24/05/12,   I believe him, but that is beside the point. We have judicial processes…….Our Parliament is not to be turned into a Kangaroo Court

  Posted Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 11:49 am | Permalink   Who was it yesterday who said they’d donate to Thomson’s legal fund. I’m joining in. If he’s guilty or innocent I couldn’t care less but the rules of justice are being trashed and I’m not letting that go by.



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