What Is This Line Which Has Been Crossed?

The PM said that a line had been crossed.
Respect for Parliament was in decline.
A dark cloud over it meant much was lost.
“I’ve made a judgement. And that judgement’s mine.”

Journalists thought that without a doubt
The Prime Minister had drawn the line!
But where and what that line was all about
None of them seem able to define.

It’s all a bit of a mystery.
There are several threads or story lines,
Like Peter Slipper’s,  back in history
To Queensland Nationals and Russ Hinze.*

With Craig Thomson there’s a union,
But no mention of a picket line.
Though he could have pinched gold bullion
With all the other crimes he’s been assigned.

But members Oakeshott and Windsor know
That Tony Abbott’s bottom line
Began the smell. There they could not go.
His offer, they felt, they must decline.

Since then the Parliament’s been hung
And used like a dirty washing line.
Not one word of praise for her’s been sung
As the media chorus, “Gillard, resign!”

But suddenly amid all the scandal
There’s something in the Coalition’s line,
Which like a faintly flickering candle
Has the PM’s chances begin to shine.

The Slipper story’s just a fairy tale
They shrug,  spun over a bottle of wine
After a few beers and perhaps an ale.
The stench is the usual POO from Chrissie Pyne.

*Hinze pronounced as in washing lines and not as in rubbish bins!

NOTES:    I’ve been reading some very good blog posts about the Prime Minister’s stand last weekend after the escalated furore over the long running saga of Craig Thomson’s alleged crimes and the very recent and over-heated scandal of Speaker Slipper’s similarly alleged crimes of fraud and sexual harassment in his treatment of a not so young staffer, James Ashby. 

Wixxy’s post,  Tainted Love,  covers the whole hypocritical nonsense of the sexual harassment claim and Tony Abbott’s ruthless betrayal of a long term political supporter and a once personal friend.   The thread has lots of links to articles and commentaries on the pros and cons of the case.  As I followed the links I noticed how few of the journalists were clear about the line the Prime Minister thought had been crossed.  For myself, I was struck by how almost enigmatic the PM’s tone and comment were about that line.  I don’t think anyone in the press gallery understood her words at all.  She was not talking about the bad behaviour of Slipper and Thomson, but referring to the appalling tactics of the Coalition with these charges against Peter Slipper which were as much an assault on the office of Speaker and Parliament itself as upon the man.

Reading Bushfire Bill’s latest post at the Political Sword with its metaphor of the sinking Titanic describing the imminent fall of the house of Murdoch I grasped what it was about our main stream media reporting and commentary in recent weeks which had been so much more biassed and negative about our good government and great Prime Minister than usual.  Yes, I agreed with him, recently they had been far worse than their usual appalling selves.  There was an almost palpable sense of urgency, even desperation, in their determination to bring Julia Gillard down.   I despaired for a few hours there.  

Then came the news late in the evening of  May lst, (May Day!)  that Rupert Murdoch had been found not fit to run a company by the committee of the British House of Commons enquiring into phone hacking.  With hindsight I can imagine that News Ltd management had been alerted to the fears of Murdoch and Son about that looming verdict from the Brits and the word had gone out on the need to preserve the Antipodean corner of their empire.  No wonder News Ltd pulled out all the might of its 70% ownership of our print media and leaned upon its broadcasting allies to support their campaign.  “Gillard must go!” was the slogan.  “Immediately if  possible!”    

Tony Abbott would have been delighted to help out too,  with his own war of words on Julia Gillard becoming even more ruthless and blatantly untrue.  He was brazenly confident he would have few critics in the media.   And so he crossed the line.   Prime Minister Gillard did what she could  to protect her government and the two direct targets of Abbott’s villification.   At the same time behind her enigmatic reference to that line which had been crossed was almost certainly an astute awareness that her adversary had gone too far.    Time will tell. 


Catching up,     04/05/12,   Patricia, Mr. Howard had so many ministers go down, he has to remove the line.

Pip,     04/05/12,    Hi patricia, well done.  Great post.   The main stream media stand accused, in enigmatic fashion, of “wilful blindness” in this instance. :shock:

Patriciawa,     04/05/12,    Yes, Pip, and most of the MSM seem to have turned a blind eye to what JOHN HEPWORTH,  Archbiship of the TRADITIONAL ANGLICAN COMMUNION had to say to Heather Ewatt on the 7.30 ReportThere are clearly some elements of the sexual harassment claim that would make anybody with a reasonable politically astute antennae wonder about the possibility of entrapment.   Wouldn’t that make headlines in most papers the next day?

Sue,     04/05/12,    Your poetry amazes me for its depth of the issues you cover, the notes assist me in understanding your breath of reading that is involved in your political poerty. i love your passion and like you i have so much admiration for our Prime minister the Honourable Julia Gillard. thanks patriciawa as i said on the cafe get ready for a canterbury tale..

Victoria,   04/05/12,     Another great offering! Enjoyed it very much.

Gravel,     04/05/12,      Patricia,   Another great pome, well done.  Hope you recover well from your visitors.

Talk Turkey,    04/05/12,     Your verse is inspirational, it reminds me I can do that too.  Here’s a bit of an answer to your question,   What is this line which has been crossed?

I can’t show exactly the line that’s been crossed
But it’s not some line *J*U*L*I*A* casually tossed:
It has to do with respect that mob’s lost,
And She’s The Boss, – Damned if she’s going to be bossed,

Not by anyone – fat rich men, wrinkled old hags
Think they’re Queen of the Quill . . . nor effete mincing fags,
Nor screeching misogynists, bumbling buffoons,
Nor radio shock jocks – nor violent goons.

I can’t show it exactly, but that line is there:
It’s a line you must read between lines just to see;
But it divides notions of Fair and Unfair,
And whichever side *J*U*L*I*A*s on, you’ll find Me!

Bilko,     04/05/12,   Patricia I like your poems too.  This is an excellent analysis of the situation.

Wixxy,     04/05/12,    Awesome job Patricia :-)  I’m so glad someone else saw Gillards comment re “The Line” as an opinion on the tactics of the Coalition, who seem not just intent on destroying everything Labor do, but destroying peoples’ respect for parliament too.

Miglo,     04/05/12,   Bilko, I agree. Patricia’s poems and commentary are not only a joy to read but are always on the mark.

Nasking,    04/05/12,    Good stuff, Patricia!

Min,    04/05/12,   Patricia, thoroughly enjoyable. I love your addendum:   *Hinze pronounced here as in washing lines and not as in rubbish bins!

Archiearchive FCD,   04/05/12,     Great work yet again, Patriciawa. That line that Abbott cannot see is the essential part of democracy and the body politic. Cross it and we drift into the verbal and physical violence we mock in the failed democracies of the world.

lunalava,     04/05/12,    Great work Patriciawa a much clearer summary of what is going on than the fanciful stuff being published in the MSM.

jane,     04/05/12,        patricia, as always, a great pome and a damn fine post. You’ve nailed the PM’s “The Line” perfectly.

Miglo,    04/05/12,     Patricia, you can tell by the number of Facebook Shares on your posts that you are widely read. Min and I usually put up a link on Facebook and it spreads from there. Some people like what they read and Share the link on their own Facebook wall.    We can tell from the number of hits coming in from Facebook that your message is reaching an audience.

Min,    04/05/12,   I would like to add to Migs’ comment – some of the Facebook groups have memberships numbering in the thousands. Patricia, your pomes always receive HUGE interest.


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