Tony Abbott! What An Arse!

“Julia Gillard’s got a big arse!”
Said Germaine,  with a lack of class.
The media couldn’t let that pass!
Had women’s lib become a farce?

Editors became quite rabid
Seeking comment……. As per habit
They got the nod from Tony Abbott.
He’d seen a headline;  had to grab it.

He’d forgot the enormous frame
Of Gina Rinehart whose other name,
The Big Australian,  only came
To mind too late to him.  Oh, the shame!

Her fortune being so gigantic
He’d become quite sycophantic;
Talked to her in terms romantic,
Which,  now recalled,  sent him quite frantic.

He took little time to agonise
But hurried out to apologise
And tell a load of PR lies,
Cos something else had made him wise.

He’s heard,  big arse and all,  no breeder,
Labor love Gillard and heed her.
But Robb et al are grumbling,  “Do they need a
Great big arse like him for leader?”

NOTES:    I saw this comment at A Frank View by blogger,  Jaeger:  “It’s better to have a leader with “a big arse” than a big arse for a “leader.”      It was the perfect response to Tony Abbott’s rush to agree with Germaine Greer’s tasteless comment about our Prime Minister’s body image and fashion sense.  I could see no use for poetic, or even funny,  images here!    Instead  I think these two photos I’ve chosen do serve to illustrate how ridiculous is Germaine Greer’s,  Tony Abbott’s or anyone’s comment on the the appearance of our Prime Minister.   She is hardly large,  much less huge or uncomely, even alongside the slim and elegant Governor General and among the many suited men of her cabinet.  Talking of suits,  her jackets which Germaine Greer criticised along with her body shape,  work well in all her filmed images.   For a politician, or any woman in the public sphere,  our Prime Minister is remarkably well presented and photogenic as our TV screens tell us every day and as the stills recorded here also confirm.   She compares very well indeed with Germaine Greer!

Tony Abbott’s echoing of Germaine Greer’s criticism of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s appearance has told against him amongst many women voters as I’m sure internal party polling has informed him.   But I like to think there was another reason why he came scurrying out to apologise for his ill advised comments.   After all , one of the major donors to Liberal Party funds is that Big Australian,  Gina Rinehart!     Interestingly too, when appearing before TV crews and journalists Abbott,  while still on his annual Pollie Pedal,  was careful to change out of his lycra cycling gear into a suit and tie.  

Miglo, blogmaster at Cafe Whispers,  loved this pome and post to this point, so we have copied it over there.   I’ve considerably expanded it with some paras on how often Tony Abbott has needed to or should have apologised for his thoughtless comments. 

I thought here I’d confine myself to my sense of outrage on behalf of Julia Gillard who with her usual aplomb has ignored this latest slur.   Oddly,  after so many sneers and insults which she has managed to ignore,   sail on regardless and seem always focussed on the job of leading the country,  this time I’m wondering if she isn’t feeling some pain!  Not that she’s shown it,  but I think Nicola Roxon was onto something in her response and shows how well she understands her own sex.   We are all sensitive about how our bums look in whatever we wear!    If Tony Abbott doesn’t know that fact,  or if he does and chooses to ignore it,  what does it say about his ability to handle simple human relationships,  much less represent our country in the councils of the world.   

Perhaps he has done Julia Gillard a favor.  There’s not an Australian woman of any sensitivity who wouldn’t be feeling compassion for their Prime Minister this week and acknowledging her intestinal fortitude!   It will probably add more to the thousands who are confessing to each other and to the world at large how much they admire her.   As Nicki Gemmell has written in the Weekend Australian there are thousands of Australian women joining the Real Julia Gillard Fan Club and talking about her courage and how the real Julia is entirely different from the one they’re being fed by the media.    What they see is

…..a woman getting things done. In a man’s world. Quietly, differently, effectively. Amid the great roar of vitriol, and not flinching. They think it’s extraordinary. Because usually, as women, we flinch. It’s just too hard. We bleat our vulnerability. Gabble too much about our personal lives and the toll it’s taking, make excuses, give up, bow out. She doesn’t play the victim, just keeps on going, audaciously blindsiding the media now and then – Peter Slipper, Bob Carr – and for these women it’s becoming an exhilarating sport to witness. “She’s such a strong role model for our daughters,” said one of them.


NormanK,     01/04/12,     Good on you! From a male point of view, I can safely say that I believe we have far fewer physical attributes that can be mocked and belittled. Apart from a balding head or a perceived lack of taste in ties there is no comparison between men and women in terms of their vulnerability to personal attacks. Make-up, hair (Conroy’s tonsure has yet to make headlines), breasts, bum, shoes, jewellery, clothes and any other physical feature that might make them distinctive. Julia Gillard, true reformist that she is, has added earlobes to the national conversation.    There are different ways to attack a man – disparaging comments about his virility for instance – but the list of superficial attributes open to mocking is much shorter for men than women.
I love your poems Patricia, I just struggle to find new ways of expressing my admiration so please take it as read that your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Ad Astra.    01/04/12,     Your poem captured the sentiment of so many of us, disgusted with Germaine Greer’s stupid remarks, and Tony Abbott’s opportunistic use of it.  But we know poor Tony can’t help himself.  Anyway he can always say he shouldn’t have said what he did. The MSM will say no more, certainly not ask if such a man is fit to lead the country.

NormanK,  Your observations are germane.  Women still have to endure much more scrutiny about appearance than men.  As a so-called enlightened society we have a long way to go to achieve gender equality.  And we have a LOTO who inhibits our progress towards that goal. 

Gravel,    01/04/12,    Patricia, you sure know how to put words into your pome’s.  As I have said I do like the way you explain where you inspiration comes from. Like NormanK above, all I can say is bravo!

Clarence Girl,   01/04/12,    Bravo,  Pat!

Kevin Rennie,     01/04/12,    Great pome! Germaine is a media performer who diminishes her other contributions with headline catching oneliners that reflect badly on both herself and her causes.    Suppose that’s how you get on Q&A and other sit-down comedy shows like The Drum where they sit on their collective arses and badmouth whomever they wish. Satire without substance!

Catching up,  01/04/12,   The puppet mistress. Tony is sure attentive.  Well done again.

Sue,     02/04/12,  Congratulations patriciawa.   It amazed me that 10days after a program the ABC took every opportunity to denigrate the PM of Australia, with comments about her appearance. Every time they aired the GGreer bit from Q&A they showed some stupid woman guffawing. I don’t know who she is as I never watched the program. The tasteless piece would have died except for the intervention of Tony Abbott, so every news program from then on decided to make an issue of it. And of course it could not be “discussed” unless the program showed it in full, Capital Hill, The Drum, Local News programs.     On Capital Hill, the labor representative Andrew Leigh decided not to play, Lyndal Curtis was left open mouthed trying to elicit just that a bit more, she was as bad as that guffawing idiot on Q& A.     Thanks again patriciawa

Jaeger,     02/04/12,    Patricia,     rmn1953 is correct:  I was responding to their earlier comment, but the quotes were intended as  “air quotes”, not direct quotes (though “a big arse” from rmn1953′s post was I believe quoting Germaine Greer.)  Apologies for the delay in clearing up this confusion; my rounds of the various forums are intermittent at best, and I didn’t realise an off-the-cuff remark would spawn a pome!

P.S. Your photo at 12 explains a lot about Abbott – Gina ate his brain.

Patriciawa,     02/04/12,     Now there’s an idea!    She wasn’t just nibbling his ear!

Sue,     25/04/12,    Tony Abbott what an arse now has another laughable play about it.
This week we have tony abbott betraying his friend peter slipper. oh dear, i better stop now.


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