Barnaby Barmy? Surely That’s Not Fair!

Barnaby barmy? That’s unfair!                                                                                                           To suggest that he’s not quite all there!                                                                                Barnaby is not irrational.                                                                                                                        He is the very best of Nationals.

The Coalition resurrection                                                                                                             Owes so much to his selection                                                                                                           To lead his party in the Senate                                                                                                       And explain their every tenet.

The media love our Barnaby                                                                                                            Cos he’s the man who’s gunnabe                                                                                              Deputy PM soon for sure.                                                                                                                  What reporter could ask for more?

One day there could be a story,                                                                                                        By-lines,  journalistic glory,                                                                                                  Headlines and acclamation,                                                                                                         When Barnaby stands in to lead our nation!

<em>Illustration: John Shakespeare</em>

The cartoon added 31/03/12  is by John Shakespeare and was used by Mike Carlton in the SMH.–be-very-afraid-20120330-1w3b8.html !  which confirms everything  in the notes and comments below about Barnaby Joyce! It’s great to know one is in good company.  A pity Mike Carlton doesn’t have a feed-back line.  He’d be inundated with supportive correspondence every Saturday.

NOTES:     Last night (26/03/12)  Barnaby Joyce made another memorable appearance on Lateline, leading Ad Astra of the Politicial Sword to describe him as ‘barmy’ and inspiring  this pome.   The recent overwhelming victory of the Liberal National Party in the Queensland state election must have encouraged the members of the Coalition shadow cabinet to think that victory for them at the next federal election was certain,  had they not been almost convinced of it before.   Did that push Barnaby Joyce into once again trying to place himself in line for leadership of his party in the House of Reps by talking of challenging fellow National  Bruce Scott for the lower house seat of Maranoa or failing that,  the New England seat of Independent Tony Windsor.  One sensed that Emma Alberici thoroughly enjoyed baiting Barnaby Joyce in the Lateline interview to make wilder and wilder statements.   He on the other hand seemed off his rocker,  trying to browbeat her into agreeing with him and ridiculing her questions,  giving rise to this sort of comment from psyclaw at the TPS blog,  further confirming Ad Astra’s opinion,  and mine,  that Joyce is indeed barmy.

Joyces’ aggression to Ms Alberici last night was quite ignorant and all over the place. He seemed to be not in control of his faculties. Fruit of the vine????? Whatever, he showed what a huge embarrassment he would be as a deppity PM, not to mention how dangerous for the nation any of his flat earth decisions would be if he had opportunity to make them. The class and competence of the alternate cabinet is a farce.

POST SCRIPT  15/06/15  Loved this image which turned up last night, but I must research more for detail on what he actually said about killing wild dogs who eating pets in suburbia. Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce is launching new resources to tackle wild dogs which are eating pets in suburban areas.

Agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce launches a new website on invasive pests in the mural hall of parliament house in Canberra this morning, Tuesday 16th June 2015.


Casablanca,     27/03/12,     Patricia WA      Spot on: another feisty pome. That last para scares me – hopefully many on his own side of politics will also be scared.    Both Abbort and Bananaby are unstable characters.

jane,   27/03/12,      Patricia, loved the pome!

Sue,     27/03/12,   barmy barnaby is the friend of clive and a family counsellor to gina.  I do enjoy your pomes.

Gravel,    29/03/12,    Well done again Patricia, it is a very scary thought with both A and B in charge.


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