Stop The Guns!

His Coalition colleagues say
Their party boss is ‘toujours gai’
‘So happy’ – if he can portray
Himself armed for any affray
With words like guns,  shoot,  ricochet.

If Tony Abbott had his way
He’d mix with armed men every day.
Policemen in their blue and gray,
Khaki clad soldiers far away,
With lots of weapons on display.

So why the passion for gun play?
He wasn’t raised in the USA
Where being armed has such cachet.
No young,  leftist hero held sway
With him like martyr soldier,  Che.

But maybe he found Pinochet,
Rightist gunman who saved Chile.
Does he dream of his own ‘V’ day?
Aussies shouting,  “Tony!”  “Hooray!”
Cannons roaring!   A band to play!

But how can he hope for victory?
He’s still in the 19th century
With his  ‘gun/boat’  mentality!

NOTES:     Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott was able to get on to a different hobby horse today.   He turned from boats to guns.    He was still able to talk about the Federal Government’s border protection policies though and to blame them now for what he described as a “reign of terror”‘ on Sydney’s streets.     He interrupted Question Time to accuse the Government of not doing enough to stop illegal guns hitting the streets.

He is convinced that as Sydneysiders dive for cover from drive-by shooters they should now not only blame the crime gangs and the police but they should also blame our Prime Minister.  He told the House of Reps today that Julia Gillard’s  “failures on border protection have materially contributed to this particular social disaster.”

He joined the complaints of NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell that our Customs Officials were failing to stop the importation of increased numbers of illegal guns into Australia.   After recently making much of his election promise to cut some twelve thousand public servants Mr. Abbott in Question Time today complained that Julia Gillard’s government had cut several hundred positions from our postal and customs services.

George did a brilliant photo-shop on his favorite blog  of A Frank View which brilliantly encapsulated Tony Abbott’s mentality – so often three word slogans.   Stop The Boats and now Stop The Guns!       I could not resist the opportunity to revise an earlier pome which focussed on Abbott’s obsession with guns!    The idea of a nexus between guns and boats in his mind made it fairly obvious to think of him as having  a  ‘gunboat mentality!’


George,      14/03/12,   PatriciaWA,  use any image you like, no need to ask :) – great poem!

Victoria,     14/03/12,    I posted your latest poem at the other place. Another gem

Catching up,    14/03/12,    Well maybe the 20th but definitely not the 21st.    What a boring place to be trapped.

Talk Turkey,   14/03/12,   Patricia I think you should do a rap dance routine to your Pollie pome above, put it on video and post it on Polliepomes with links everywhere! Smile

Gravel,     15/03/12,      Patricia, I can’t think of a bigger word than excellent, and that doesn’t even come near to describing your wonderful pome’s.

Miglo,     15/03/12,    You are a marvel, Patricia.

Airport Made Simple,     15/03/12,      Hi Patricia – yes, work, work, work! 🙂   And a huge fan of coffee.  I also find your poetry/blog to have a very unique perspective. Have a great day.   Email:  UNSIGNED LETTER  RESPONDING TO PATRICIA att.  (Nice to see your logo when I woke very early this morning!  I hope that someone there is enjoying a good coffee!  Nice to think of bringing a smile to someone working through the night!  Cheers,   Patricia)



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