Something To Celebrate?

On International Women’s Day
Finally we’ve had someone say
Our Prime Minister is Okay!
She’s been assessed as Triple A!

She’s always admired overseas
For how easily she shoots the breeze
With little folk and the big cheese.
At last she is the Oz bees knees!

Our own experts,  who ought to know,
Have told us that she’s all the go
With public servants. They’re aglow.
Now here’s a report which confirms it’s so.

She alarms the Coalition,
Our hysterical Opposition,
Who share mad Tony’s premonition
That she’s done for his ambition.

That’s why she’s praised by Independents,
Not just her ALP attendants.
In future times our descendants
Will read of the glorious Gillard ascendance!

NOTES:   Oh Dear!  I’ve had to change that exclamation point in the title to a question mark!      Returning to the ABC story with this unusually complimentary  report praising our Prime Minister,  I see that since I first read it this morning and rushed into enthusiastic rhyme this disclaimer has been added

 Editor’s note: This article originally referred to a report released by the AGSM, when in fact the statements came from Rosemary Howard.

Let’s hope this does not mean that the board of the Australian Graduate School of Management wishes to resile from the comments made by Ms. Rosemary Howard, who is  Executive Director,  of the Australian Graduate School of Management’s Executive Programs!  Or perhaps it’s just that someone in the ABC news room,  in the euphoria of this special day,  forgot to follow the usual Australian media method for downplaying any reference to the woman who runs this country.

Why is it that praise for Australia’s first woman Prime Minister, Julia Gillard,  is rarely reported in our main stream media?  Even this seemingly unqualified praise of her from a senior management expert has been modified within a few hours!    From the very beginning of her new government in September, 2010,  once those initial long and intricate negotiations with Independents and the Greens had been completed,  the media seemed to show us less and less of our Prime Minister and  more and more of the Leader of the Opposition!   And less and less respect for her too!

I was complaining of the limited news to be found about her very early the following year, while  Tony Abbott managed to get widespread coverage of  himself in media stunts  almost every day.   News Ltd,  in an openly proclaimed push for an election and a new government  began as the prime offender here.    Fairfax and then theABC have followed suit.   Such mention as the Prime Minister received in their stories and commentary was of a negative,   derogatory,   even derisive nature doubting her government’s effectiveness and her  leadership skills.   This was in the face of clear evidence proving otherwise,   with a sound economy and very impressive program of reforming legislation achieved.   Stories apparently praising her still talked down her chances of survival as Prime Minister and only reported in passing her many and solid achievements.

Despite the Prime Minister’s decisive win over Kevin Rudd by a two third’s majority some in the media have  continued their determined efforts to discredit her and bring about her downfall,   if not of the government.    Within a day of that leadership ballot stories appeared about her likely replacement by a Third Man.    Soon after followed the great media circus of the Cabinet Reshuffle and supposedly botched appointment of Bob Carr  as her new Minister for Foreign Affairs.   That culminated in her press conference introducing him to the media  which,   although a triumph,  did not impress many journalists!   Though what was described as a  reverse wedgie  did earn her some praise from Michael Gordon of the Age who thought that “she showed this week that she might just have what it takes.”

And that almost grudging note is very much in the same vein as other commentary on our remarkable Prime Minister who has already performed a miracle of tenacity in holding together her Caucus team far longer than thought possible;  who has negotiated with Independents and Greens the passage of hundreds of pieces of  legislation through a hung parliament,  most of it for significant reform relating to climate change,  industry,  health and the economy.   Have these journalists not noticed that inside Parliament Julia Gillard always gets “Ayes”  no matter how many “Noes!” Tony Abbott has uttered?

These are the same journalists who a week ago sat in the National Press Club and listened, over a good lunch,  while Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor gave their report card on their experience of Julia Gillard’s government.   Both men were fulsome in their enthusiasm for what had been achieved in their regions and in their praise for Julia Gillard’s personal skills and her commitment to the pledges she had made to win their support.   I have seen no TV reports or newspaper stories of these speeches which told of the achievements in our regions.   Nor have I seen direct quotes about our Prime Minister’s able contribution to it all from these two very reliable and honorable Members of Parliament.   Or were they there and I somehow missed them?

I guess that’s why I got all excited about this one big tick the ABC finally gave Julia Gillard on International Women’s Day in their featured report from the ASGM.  But it turns out it wasn’t really from that organisation,  was it?   It was just something some woman said,  after all.

Some woman!!  Executive Director!!   Well done,  Rosemary Howard!  And well said!   It’s true that “Julia Gillard is being judged more harshly than her male peers.”   There are indeed double standards by which women in leadership are judged.

But I don’t agree with Rosemary Howard about one thing she said,  i.e.  that our PM  “lost voters’ trust over the mining tax and carbon tax.”     I think our Prime Minister has been alienated from voters by media and mining interests with deliberate distortions and misreporting of the mining tax and carbon tax.   As well there has been a determined campaign to diminish her person and reputation in the eyes of the public through limiting her media exposure unless constantly deriding her and doubting her achievements and the likely survival of her government.

Nonetheless she has survived.   She has overcome.    I stand by my pome!


Patriciawa,   08/03/12,   Postscript to the above –  I checked  with Lyn whose links at the Political Sword cover most significant Oz political commentary and she agrees that my rage is justified about the non reporting of the National Press Club appearance of Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott.  Without putting words to her pen I wouldn’t be surprised if in her wide coverage of our media she hasn’t formed a similar opinion to my own, though her role does a require an objectivity and restraint I don’t have to show.

LOVO,     08/03/12,     ‘Howard Backs Gillard!’….. now there’s a headline!   

Pia Robinson,    08/03/12,   Wonderful!

Nimue,    08/03/12     Hello to all. It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, but I thought to drop by on this special occasion to say thank you Patricia for your wonderful poems.

In many ways International Women’s Day is not only a day for celebration, but an occasion for reflection. We should be thinking of those many millions of women still struggling for the things which we take for granted, control over our own lives.    Again, thank you.

Victoria,     08/03/12,     I love your pomes.   I love your latest one too.   Can I post it at PB. There are still many regulars over there who appreciate your efforts?

myk42,    08/03/12,    Congrats on the ‘national archive / award’ thingy Patricia :)

Lyn,    08/03/12,       Hi Patricia.    Your Pome is a tribute to Julia, superb work, A tribute to you.     I see you used the picture of Julia from the ABC article. I really loved that picture as soon as I saw it.      You are never going to be able to give up writing, so you may as well accept that and keep on writing it’s your calling, your forte.

Catching up,     08/03/12,    Nice to see some nice, positives things said about our PM for once.

Roswell,     08/03/12,    Yes Pia. Wonderful. Patricia is a rare talent.

Jane,      08/03/12,     Great pome post patricia.

I’m glad that the double standard applied to the PM is being exposed.  When you think that Liealot isn’t held to any standards whatever, it makes you want to spit chips!   I don’t think even the Rodent had as much vitriol directed at him for such a prolonged period. She must be a truly remarkable person to have come through.

Casablanca,      08/03/12,    Something To Celebrate! Another delightful poem. I hope that you are getting plenty of hits.

Lyn,      09/03/12,     Hi Patricia    Congratulations on your magnificent work. You deserve to be honoured and acclaimed for your  memorable pomes. Your work in building your own blog Polliepomes, using self discipline & determination, all the while striving for excellence is admired by all.

An honour for Patricia in recognition of her brilliant work:  Certification from the National Library:  I am delighted to inform you that your publication is now publicly available in the PANDORA Archive at   Polliepomes is listed on the PANDORA Archive at Best Wishes from Lyn

Patriciawa,    09/03/12,    Thank you, Lyn.   This is just the spot to celebrate that!   And to think the greatest excitement in my lately discovered writing life has been the listings I get in your daily Links at The Political Sword.    That’s an honor too, but now I’ll be in your company forever,  since you and Ad Astra  in The Political Sword are also listed by PANDORA along with other good friends of yours like Grog and Mr. Denmore.

Gravel,    09/03/12,     Patricia, another excellent pome.  It is wonderful when we can read other people praise our Prime Minister.  I understand your fury finding that an Edit note had been attached.  It  is as if it’s wrong to allow anything positive be said without a kick in the belly as well.

Talk Turkey,    09/03/12     Patricia, who cares about the Media’s Opinions anyway?

Dumb and tedious!
I’ve thought of *J*U*L*I*A* ever since as
Boadicea, our Warrior Princess! Smile

No man could do the things she’s done,
Nor win the wondrous wins she’s won:
Firm, determined, smart, commanding,
Gender bias notwithstanding,

Julia Gillard, Hail to Thee!
Lead us on to Victory!

Ad Astra,      09/03/12     Patricia WA, TT,    What an asset you are to TPS with your verse.   PM Gillard deserves our admiration and commendation.  The slagging of her by the media is looking more and more what it really is – unconscionable behaviour against a competent PM to unseat her with lies, distortions and disingenuous reporting.

Min,    09/03/12,    Patricia and your comment at your site: Nonetheless she has survived. She has overcome. I stand by my pome!

Well done Patricia! And this goes for all the feisty fems, our PM included.

Miglo,    09/03/ 12,     Patricia, I see your pome is attracting a lot of positive comments around Facebook. So far twelve people have shared it on their Facebook pages, which no doubt contributed significantly to the large number of Facebook visitors to the Cafe yesterday.

Tom R,   09/03/12,  Morning Patriciawa.   Not sure there is much to that update on the ANC story. Just setting the facts straight really. Imagine if the oo got hold of it first, and turned the whole thing into another ‘lefty ABC’ rant.    At least the correction is in the open and for all to see, and not just done silently on the fly.

Patriciawa,   09/03/12,   Id’ve agreed with you Tom R,  had they done ‘Rosemary Howard’ the courtesy of referring to her by her full title, Executive Director, of the Australian Graduate School of Management’s Executive Programs!

Nimue,    09/03/12,   Patricia, thank you again for sharing. Yours is indeed a rare talent.

Miglo,    09/03/12,   Rarer than rare. Endangered.     Patricia, the public servants were aglow as soon as the 2007 election results were known. I couldn’t help but notice while walking through the city on the way to work the following Monday morning that people again had a smile on their faces and a spring in their step.


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