Turkey Feathers Ruffled?

Julia Gillard’s cabinet reshuffle,
Was the wildest of media shows.
Like pigs, their snouts sniffing for truffles,
Journos found all sorts of things to expose.

Or like jackals who lurk in the jungle,
And our own outback dog,  the dingo,
If they sighted a mis-step or bungle
The news hounds were on to her.  “Bingo!”

Headline hunting,  they pushed and they scuffled,
Yet she remained calm and composed.
Now they are turkeys,  feathers all ruffled.
Their payback will be poisonous prose.

Tony Abbott is flexing his muscles;
Big and bulging near bursting his clothes.
In the House bitchy Bishop bustles
To move one more of their damned SSOs.

Amid all this clamorous kerfuffle,
The name Gillard so much on the nose,
Bob Carr partners her soft shoe shuffle
As she smiles,  looking sweet as a rose.

NOTES:      I’ve been more angry with the media than usual this week, which is saying something!   After her decisive win in the leadership spill  last Monday the Canberra press gallery have not been damning her with faint praise,  but trying to drown her in it.   With the Senate vacancy which occurred with the surprise resignation later that day of Mark Abib there would need to be a cabinet re-shuffle to fill both that vacancy and the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs.  The media speculation about the decisions the Prime Minister could or should make in choosing her new cabinet reached fever pitch.  In spite of her calm reassurance that she would make an announcement within a few days and her legitimate reluctance to share her ideas prematurely about potential moves and candidates they harassed her and her ministers at every opportunity.   Worse,  they chased leaks and rumors,  invented stories about offers made and then withdrawn,  conjectured about  would-be appointees and imagined the frustrated ambitions of others likely to be disappointed.

Notorious among all these was the saga of Bob Carr,  former Premier of New South Wales, who was rumored to have been offered the Senate vacancy and the role of Minister of Foreign Affairs,  only to have them withdrawn after pressure from Julia Gillard’s cabinet colleagues and/or ALP faceless men,  all of which the Prime Minister denied.  She was accused of lying.   There followed a storm of criticism of her ineptness,  questioning her honesty,  her  judgement and her leadership capacity.  It all culminated in a shrill denunciation by the Opposition and yet another failed SSO proposal in an attempt to move a motion of No Confidence in the government.   All of which Julia Gillard ignored or swatted away as if nuisance flies.   On Friday after all the kerfuffle she dropped the bombshell announcement of Bob Carr’s appointment as Foreign Affairs Minister once he was confirmed to fill the Senate vacancy.  Barry Cassidy  describes it well.

The sight of Julia Gillard walking into that news conference with Bob Carr in tow was hard to beat for political jaw droppers.The media, encouraged by public and private comments from within the Government, had moved on from the prospect of the former NSW premier ever becoming foreign minister.

What followed Mark Arbib’s resignation up to Julia Gillard’s announcement of her cabinet changes is outlined by James Higgins in his Politics Project.  I don’t disagree with his outline of events as they unfolded.   I part company with him in believing that the Prime Minister was not reacting ad hoc  to situations as they arose,  but rather was in control of what happened,  almost directing events throughout the week.  She knew the candidate she wanted and ultimately she appointed him.   I think she enjoyed watching the Opposition make fools of themselves in the House of Representatives.  Though no doubt she would have preferred not to have had all that negative media coverage I think she relished every minute of turning the tables on those journalists at her press conference.

Not that any of them ate their words.   How the press stumbled and got this story so terribly wrong and then tried to prove that somehow they had been right all along,  is covered in delicious detail by Ad Astra in the Political Sword.   It was reading his critique of all the bunglings  and self justification of the Canberra press gallery which had me thinking “What turkeys!” and deciding to write this pome which started out as a comment in a few lines on that thread.  I’ve modifed  and expanded it a bit in an effort to bring out what turkeys the press gallery are!    Others obviously agreed.    I’ve included their comments here too.

Julia Gillard’s cabinet reshuffle,
Was one of the best media shows.
Like pigs, their snouts sniffing for truffles,
Journos found all sorts of things to expose.

Tony Abbott was flexing his muscles;
They were bulging near bursting his clothes.
Up his Deputy bitchily bustles
To put one more of their cursed SSOs.

So, with all that clamorous kerfuffle,
The name Gillard so much on the nose,
How did she manage that soft shoe shuffle
To emerge smelling sweet as a rose?


Ad Astra,     04/03/12,     Superbly delicious, or should I say aromatic?

janice,     04/03/12,    As Ad astra said “superbly delicious” pome.   What a cache of brilliance you now have in your pome collection.

jane,     04/03/12, Patricia, bit harsh on turkeys, don’t you think?  lol

Catching up,     05/03/12,  Patricia, my experiences of turkeys as a child is that they puff up and make much noise, none which seems to have any point.   The other is that they are very easy to get going.   A chuckle or two from a young child was all that was needed to have them going in unison.    I do not know if they meant to put fear in one, but thankfully if this was the case,  they failed dismally.

Yes,  seeing the Opposition and media as turkeys is not hard to do.    Once again spot on.

AT,     05/03/12,   patriciawa – your doggerel rates! : )

Gravel,     06/03/12,     Well done again Patricia, you have nailed the last week so neatly and so well. It is great the blogosphere is now outright laughing at the journalists and their stupidity. None of them seem to have any shame though. I look forward to maybe reading one of your pome’s about Swanny this week. He has come out breathing fire like a dragon, it has made my heart smile for him, after all the horrible things that have been written and said about him.


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