Will Ruddy’s Face Be Red?

After the vote and all’s been said
Will Ruddy’s face be truly red?
Will Canberra Labor heave a sigh?
Such relief!  Surely now he will be told?
He is done for! He’s been rolled!
This really is the very last  “Goodbye!”

Will journos there no longer dread,
When all the world’s tucked up in bed,
If he’s awake and wants to vent his spleen,
They’ll be called out with all the press
To hear another long address
On the evils of the ALP machine?

“We are gathered here today….
So I can have my say….
On how badly I was done by…..
I wasn’t given all my dues….
And no one listened to my views….
While Julia Gillard gave me the evil eye!”

So, no more pressers at midnight
While Kev’s about to board a flight
And he tries to keep them pacified
Or maybe earn a bit of glory
By feeding them a story
Which he cautions them is classified.

No more having then to go
And harass the chiefs of ASIO
Whose agents really knew him.
With their mates in DFAT
They’d have loved to join the brass hats
In Defence and find some way to screw him!

Will copious tears of joy be shed
By many a Departmental Head
And every leftie politician
Who has come to hate his guts?
Yes!   Then  deal with the other one who’s nuts –
The Leader of the Opposition!

NOTES: The only way I can deal with my outrage at the treachery of Kevin Rudd who threatens the future of the Australian Labor Party is to make fun of him. I started to join the conversation on the political blogs today, but was soon worn out by my anger. It was easier to write these few verses.

Kevin Rudd has resigned from his position as Minister for Foreign Affairs, and from a press conference in the United States has taken centre stage in Canberra. With the ultimate in hubris, he has declared himself the only man who can win the next election and save the Australian Labor Party, indeed save the country! At last, I think our media who know what a traitor he has been to the ALP, his Prime Minister and the government to which he has sworn allegiance, are beginning to ask some serious questions.

For me the obvious and most important questions are, “How can a dysfunctional and untrustworthy human being take over leadership of a party where he is largely loathed by most of his colleagues? How can a man who, while Minister for Foreign Affairs, is constantly leaking information to journalists, be responsible for the security of our country?

Julia Gillard, as Deputy when he was Prime Minister, did a mighty job holding the Labor government together in spite of Rudd’s failings as a leader, which was why he was finally deposed as tactfully and expeditiously as possible. Efforts have been made to protect his reputation and to give him due respect with the position of Foreign Minister. But he has never accepted his demotion and has been tirelessly undermining the fragile Labor government which might have been stronger had it not been for his sabotage and leakings during the 2010 election campaign.

He complains of the faceless men, the faction leaders and union officials who with Julia Gillard organised the coup against him. In my view those faceless men could not have made themselves more visible as they played their part in the events of June 23rd, 2010. Yes, Bill Shorten and Paul Howes are union men, but then so are many Labor politicians, like Bob Hawke! Julia Gillard’s long experience as an advocate for organised Labor is now a plus for all working people.

As our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard has done phenomenal work and achieved far more by way of real reforms and legislation passed in two years of a hung Parliament than many majority governments. Listen to the overwhelming praise she has earned from her Cabinet and Caucus colleagues and the real loyalty she still has from them. The Independents, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor are not Labor men but both are of sound judgement. They know that Julia Gillard is the Prime Minister this country needs. As does Bob Brown, leader of the Greens.


Gravel,    27/02/12,   Patrica, your words have again for the 100th time echoed my thoughts and feeling. You do it so well, thank you for all your effort.

Mary,    26/02/12,       There was another lady with red hair once in another time and realm, she fought battles , within her court and held back envaders, from other lands, trail blazer of her time, elizabeth thefirst,   The prime minister is a lady of courage and generousof spirit and time, so many wonderful policies for the ordina ry folk.does not bow to others does what she thinks is right governs this nation for the good of all its people not just the few,     There seems to be jealousy around her, and dislike, is it because she is the first lady pm , who knows only those who wish her harm know why ,they do so. Her face radiats with love, and understanding, i feel she actualy feel geuinly y sorry for those that seek to harm her, she will prevail, god bless our pm julia gillard our very first lady pm, julia gillard the immigrants daughter from wales.

Catching Up,     25/02/12,     “And every lefty politician”    He was so overwhelmed when one come out on his side today, that is his good mate, Albo.  Patricia do you ever wonder whether you are writing fiction or facts. Alice in Wonderland has nothing on what is going on at this time.     Maybe we will all wake up, and find we have been having a nightmare.

billie,     25/02/12,     I firmly believe Rudd is unfit to govern Australia after his heart operation and the persistent rumours about his traitorous leaking of cabinet-in-confidence conversations plus Laurie Oakes and Professor John Mendoza innuendos about his mental stability.     The hint of mental instability rules one unfit for the post of Australian Prime Minister in my book

Casablanca,     25/02/12m      Well done. Don’t get mad, get poetic!

My Say,     25/02/12,        thank you patricia, for your poem

Sue,     24/02/12,   (Re earlier Title – Why Ain’t Rudd Dead?)  That’ s because he is a zombie and why the press was talking about the stake thru the heart.   and like all those horror movies he will jump up and grab you down.   For the “innocent” backbenches like in any scary movie, you DO NOT walk down that darkened hallway, for that is where evil lurks.

Victoria,    24/02/12   Great poem.   Although I reckon Rudd is more nutty than Abbott at the moment!!

foreverjanice,   24/02/12,    Good pome, PatriciaWA.  The lying, cheating, traitorous and vile little man has betrayed his party.

Miglo,    24/02/12,   Great pome, Patricia. You’re a special talent.

Catching up,     24/02/12, “Maybe because they did not explain why at the time. It is prudent to remember most of the accusations of an incompetent government comes from incidents of that time. Ber=waste Insulation-deaths waste waste and debt. Mr. Rudd was unable to defend his actions at the time.

Maybe because they did not find Probably motivated by the right reasons — of not wanting to make it messier or humiliate Kevin or do any of those sort of things — that’s actually left a question mark over Julia Gillard’s leadership,” Attorney General Nicola Roxon, a Gillard supporter, said yesterday. “In the long run we would have done better to discuss those issues at the time.”


Pip, 24/02/12,  The Federal Government’s cadre of Labor Ministers most involved with the technology portfolio have emerged as strong backers of Julia Gillard in the Prime Minister’s tussle with rival Kevin Rudd which erupted last night following Rudd’s resignation as Foreign Minister.

Speaking on ABC Radio’s AM program this morning, 24/02/12, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy accused Rudd of perpetuating “a complete and utter fraud” on the Australian Labor Party over the mandatory pre-commitment technology for poker machines which the Gillard Government had been attempting to implement with the support of independent MP Andrew Wilkie.

Conroy accused Rudd’s camp of meeting with industry lobby group Clubs Australia on the issue. “Kevin Rudd’s supporters were walking around caucus saying look, dump Wilkie, I’ll make this go away…………….The Australian public needs to know what’s been going on here.

Asked whether his statements were borne out of an attempt to protect his own status, Conroy said his efforts were aimed at “protecting the Gillard Government’s reform program — including the carbon tax, the disabilities insurance scheme, and the National Broadband Network policy.”     The NBN, of course, being central to Conroy’s own portfolio.

Stories of Mr. Rudd’s numerous examples of leaking to the press have convinced me that he is not the man to lead the Labor Party.   He leaked against his own Party during the 2010 election campaign and that, to me, is unforgivable.

Mr, Rudd was the man who blinked on the ETS after Tony Abbott became the Opposition Leader, whereas Julia Gillard went to the 2010 election and announced in her Climate Change Speech that she wanted to put a Price on Carbon followed by an Emissions Trading Scheme, back then known as the CPRS.

We now have the Price on Carbon which is to be followed by an Emissions Trading Scheme.
To the shame of the Opposition and the Press Gallery she has been pilloried for this because, they say, she lied.    Add to this Mr.Laurie Oakes, apparently one of the four journalists who were taken into Mr. Rudd’s “confidence”,  insisting that PM Gillard call the carbon price a “carbon tax”.

Shame on all of them! They are all expected to barrack for the Coalition and they’ve done their job very well and they’re not fussy about whether they are truthful or not.

The Minority Government has achieved so much reforming legislation and thanks to Kevin Rudd who must be fondly imagining that the Press will alow him to win, Tony Abbott is in an even stronger position without having to explain himself or his non existent policies.
Like you patricia, I’m very angry with him.

Pip,   23/02/12,   I meant to add on the credit side for Mr. Rudd, he increased the pensions for the most vulnerable people in our country, he was in charge when the GFC was dealt with, he apologised to the Stolen Generation among other things.   If, however, it is true that he white anted  Prime Minister Gillard and her government during an election campaign, he’s lost me.


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