We Are In Her Hands

I think it’s very sinister
That newspaper reporters wield
Power to trap a Prime Minister
In their cunningly laid minefield.**

Of course she must answer questions,
But surely any argument
From the people,  their suggestions,
Should be heard in our Parliament?

That’s what our constitution says.
Kings granted that right long ago.
But orders seem to come these days
From stars of TV and radio.

If our politicians mumble
A response,  or have ‘accidents’
With snares set to make them stumble,
They’re criticised.   “No confidence!”

These ‘judges’ were not elected,
So whence comes their authority?
They’ve none.  They’re employed,  selected
By a wealthy minority.

We’re ruled by a plutocracy
Of mining and media magnates!
They control our democracy
And one press baron dominates.

Tales of ambition and revenge
Are spun,   maybe to lift his sales,
But with this leadership challenge
To make sure our government fails.

**The Moir Cartoon,  “Gillard Media Traps”  of Thurdsay, February 16th, 2012,  is from his SMH gallery,  depicting Julia Gillard in a minefield laid by the media!  She is tip-toeing along very skilfully and taking great care of Australia which she is cradling in her arms!   I found it very inspiring.   Since I linked to that I’ve asked permission from Alan Moir to include the cartoon itself here.   He has very kindly granted it as shown in comments below.

NOTES:  These verses were also inspired by an emotional and strong posting by Ian on Crikey’s Pollbludger yesterday.    I quote it here in full without further comment. 

On the surface this may be about Rudd and Gillard. On the surface it may be about the insipidly, talentless journalists in this country. But it’s not. This is about the exercise of raw neo-conservative power. That the neo-cons have pretty much come out and admitted that they intend to bring down this Govt. speaks volumes.

This goes deeper than the present Govt. This goes to core value that all Australians should hold as sacred….” my vote is important.” These neo-cons want to buy the governance of Australia as cheaply as they can. Why wouldn’t they. They already own the media. They already own the minerals. They nearly had the entire workforce on contract. Nothing better than a workforce of pricetakers other than pricesetters….and wont that becoming back in a hurry if they win.

The faces of the neo-cons, Rinehart, Murdoch and their ilk are bad enough. The ones who control the strings, these faceless men, are the danger.

So, yes TDT, I believe that there is a conspiracy to try and seize control of the Australian democratic process. I also believe that the plotters, and you are right…they are evil, want Julia Gillard gone because from what I can see, the only people in the way of these neo-cons is Julia Gillard and her front bench.

It may possibly be about politics, polls and shit scared backbenchers. It may all be about Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd. I think this is a fight for the nations soul…..and I think the Prime Minister knows it.

http://blogs.crikey.com.au/pollbludger/2012/02/13/newspoll-55-45-to-coalition-3/comment-page-151/#comments      7525


Ad Astra,     20/02/12,     Thank you for your insightful poem.   The danger of rule by the mining and media moguls is ever present.

Catching up,   20/02/12,    Patricia, once again you have captured the mood wonderfully.

Catching up,   20/02/12,      Ian has managed to say it much clearer than I have been trying to.  This is not a battle between Mr. Rudd and Ms. Gillard. It is a war about who controls our parliament.  If Mr. Abbott thinks it is just about Labor, he has rocks in his head.   This is a battle and war this PM has to win.

Patriciawa,     20/02/12,    I think a lot of people would agree with you Cu!  And I think she willl!  I was interested and heartened to read that Andrew Elder thinks she will win the election!  He  also had scathing things to say about the media this week whom he describes ‘oxygen thieves’ deliberately robbing the government of air and the chance to publicise really important reforms like the means testing of the health rebate.

Catey,     20/02/12,     Patricia your poem inspired by Moir’s cartoon was one of your best.  Much appreciated.

Patriciawa,     20/02/12,     Thanks, Catey, I will treasure your comment.  I particularly liked that cartoon because it suggested to me that Moir does understand that our Prime Minister truly cares for Australia and is having to protect it from the harm the media are doing it in an effort to destroy her.

Talk Turkey,     21/02/12,    Patricia,  I just have to smile at this line! SmileKings granted that right long ago.Yeah only because The People fought and died and at last topped one and forced the Monarchy to give people some rights!    And hereditary wealth and class-based privilege still rule supreme
Patriciawa,     21/02/12,       Poetic license!   Doesn’t make me any less of a republican.
Ian,    21/02/2,    Thank you!
Alan Moir,   22/02/12,     Hello Patricia,   enjoyed your pomes.     Permission is granted and the cartoon attached.   No fee.     Regards,   Alan Moir.
Patriciawa,   22/02/12,   Wow!   What a compliment!
Catching up,     22/02/12,     Yes Patricia it is a compliment.   It also shows that not all believe we are idiots.
Gravel,     23/02/12,     Patricia, what a joy to come back into blogger land and have your latest pome to read. That cartoon is brilliant, I can see why you were inspired. Thank you for posting what Ian wrote. He is quite right. I feel like saying Julia is fighting the whole world, that is how it seems to me, and she is giving her all, and doing a very good job of it.


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