Shoeless in Canberra.

What a hullabaloo!
Dame Julia lost her shoe,
But Abbott lost the media edge
And wondered what to do.

Ignoring all the hullabaloo,
Julia took back her shoe,
Then got on with governing,
Which made poor Tony spew.

“I’ll make a hullabaloo!
I’ll demand a police review.
I’ll attack her credibility.”
That’s what he thought he’d do .

“It was just a hullabaloo.
There’s nothing more that we can do
To help you,  Mr. Abbott, sir,”
Report back the boys in blue.

Then what a hullabaloo!
The hissie fit he threw!
“AFP conspiracy!” he yelled
A shakeup’s overdue!”

“Don’t give me hullabaloo!
One shoe!  I really needed two!
You bastards should’ve let me through!
I’d ‘ve grabbed the pair,  stepped into them!
Shoo-in for PM  without a bloody coup!”

Tony Abbott After Those Shoes!

NOTES:      This spoof on the nursery rhyme ‘Cockadoodledoo!   My Dame Has Lost Her Shoe’ came into my head as I read Lyn’s Links at the Political Sword which resumed today January 30, 2012.   Her range of chosen articles were  absorbing,  as always,  but particularly so today were those about the Australia Day fracas,  described by some as a riot when the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and Tony Abbott, were baled up behind glass windowed walls in a restaurant a stone’s throw from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy by hundreds of Aborigines.

They had been enraged by reports of comments made by Tony Abbott earler in the day.  Much has been written on subsequent events.   The main facts are that Julia Gillard’s security man advised her to leave for her personal safety.  She agreed while urging him to make sure that the Leader of the Opposition was safe too.  The PM and Tony Abbott were hustled  away through the angry crowd to the safety of a government car and back to the Lodge, during the course of which she tripped and lost a shoe.  Earlier TV camera footage in the restaurant subsequently revealed the Prime Minister to be a calm and compassionate leader.

Mr. Abbott didn’t come out of it too well until much began to be  made of a so-called leak of his whereabouts by one of the PM’s Press officers who subsequently was forced to resign.    I was surprised to find some Aboriginal leaders and lefties agreeing that this was a major gaffe.   While in that same post, author James Higgins,  gives full credit to Julia Gillard for her cool head and concern for others she displayed in the crisis,  he agreed with other commentators that Abbott’s comments about the Tent Embassy,  though insensitive were not inflammatory, racist or intended to do harm.  NB, a week after this,    Jonathon Holmes on Media Watch  is similarly kind to Abbott, concluding in what might be that man’s own words, “Shit Happens!” after making it very clear that reports what the LOTO actually said had been distorted  by AAP and  mainstream news broadcasts well before the ALP press office became involved.

I disagree with James Higgins and Jonathon Holmes.   I do think Abbott’s comments were subliminally racist and maliciously intended.   My own view is that Australia Day for Abbott began as he had planned with a Dorothy Dixer about the tent embassy and his seemingly statesmanlike and ‘objective’ response about it being time to move on.    SkyNews and other media almost immediately ran an explosive story about his saying that the tent embassy should be moved.   Published nationally these stories could, and probably were meant to be seen by or drawn to the attention of anyone attending the Invasion Day Rally.   They probably were seen well before the PM’s Press Officer, Tony Hodges, spoke to his contact there, Kim Sattler.

These early nationally broadcast news stories have been forgotten in the subsequent hullabaloo about leaks and breaches of security, threatening the life and limb of the PM and LOTO.  Why?   Abbott did not look unduly alarmed or surprised by that crowd hammering on those glass windows.  What must have surprised him was the PM’s reaction,  her concern for his own safety and how her instructions to security had him caught up in the subsequent rushed departure,  hustled along by police.   Only since Julia Gillard began to get such good media coverage with the live TV  footage showing her calm in crisis and her capacity to think of others has there been the hysterical beat-up about security and the need for an enquiry.   The  exaggerated speculation about Julia Gillard’s conspiring with her Press Office and even police to discredit Tony Abbott makes one suspect his rationality.  But then he is the Mad Monk,  made ever more crazy by his ambition to be Prime Minister.

As well I think it’s Tony Abbott’s style to dog whistle ever so subtly with malicious intent on aboriginal issues,  create whatever mayhem will win him headlines and with the help of his media mates pour heaps on the government and the PM.   Which is what he has done now by having George Brandis demand a police enquiry into who knew what and when in this major security breach,  i.e. letting someone know where Tony Abbott was having lunch and giving a speech!   How hysterical is all this hyperbole can be seen by anyone who looks at TV footage of those events and asks how can the movements of the PM and LOTO be state secrets on Australia Day.

Alex Schlotzer confirmed my views about Abbott’s racist dog whistling by referring to Tony Abbott’s lack of concern for the Aboriginal cause about which he protests so much being evident in his comments about the tent embassy leading to the Australia Day mayhem and his expressed reservations about the proposed referendum on their inclusion in the Constitution.

I think my Cockadoodledoo pome is too soft on Tony Abbott.   Hullabaloo?   Bullshit is probably a better description, but it’s not easy to maintain that rhyme!

PS   Many thanks to Talk Turkey at The Political Sword for his help with editing this final version of the pome.    Many of his inspired variations suggested on January 31. 2012, at  03:41 are incorporated here.


Lyn,    30/01/12,    Patricia thankyou so much.  What an honour it is to provide information to someone so appreciative, you are an inspiration to everyone around you.
You are gifted with wise thoughts, wise words and a very very wise mind.    I love your pome, hullabaloo! how apt.  Abbott started a hullabaloo to cover up for his words at the Opera House and he has just kept going building and building a Mount Everest hullabaloo.

Talk Turkey,     30/01/12,    Patricia Pometricia said,    TT, any comments or ideas for a title would be appreciated    I think I’ll do your bidding in a separate post. Because I’m looking forward to you as dessert! Smile    Well a latenight snack then!   (Which he did, and brilliantly, soon after midnight on 31/01/12 03:41 to great effect as shown above in my notes – pw)

Miglo,    31/01/12,    Thank you, Patricia. I’m sure you’ve cheered us all up with your pome.

Paul,    31/01/12,     Looks great!    The boys would like it!

Bree Blakeman,     01/12/13,     a hullabaloo indeed! And what a great Poem!


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