Tony Abbott’s Preferred Australia Day Award Winner

If Tony Abbott could have had his way
On this very important national day
He’d have had top honors set apart
For a special lady, Gina Rinehart.

The Big Australian, he’d choose that name!
That’s no snide comment on her outsize frame.
This woman’s fortune is so gigantic
It makes men mad and sycophantic.

The Right in Oz have great respect for size
Of companies and wealth, which leftist eyes
Would find ugly, distasteful and obscene,
Particularly that of the Iron Ore Queen.

That’s why our Leader of the Opposition,
Has made it his job as a politician,
To do all he can to preserve Gina’s wealth
Even at the cost of the nation’s health.

Mining taxes levied on her and friends
Must go. Their prosperity far transcends
Pensions for malingerers and shirkers
Who now retired are no longer workers!

Not like the Big Australian and her mates,
Clive and Twiggy, real miners! They’re not magnates!
Why should they toil all day, near break their backs,
Then pay both Mining and a Carbon Tax!

That’s why Abbott wants us to join with him
To fight for Gina in his battle grim.
He thinks this woman’s cause deserves our votes.
It’s even weightier than turning back boats!

NOTES:     How appropriate is this picture by Colin Murty of Australia’s richest person talking with Opposition leader Tony Abbott at a Perth luncheon for this update on an earlier pomeI wrote about Gina Rinehart.   This latest version  was inspired by the Australia Day inaugural post by Hillbilly Skeleton, formerly Feral Skeleton of the Political Sword, at her new site in which she referred to Abbott’s preferred candidate for Australian of the Year.   It’s an interesting article about how powerful a grip mining magnates like Gina Rinehart and others too have on Tony Abbott and the Coalition.   She links to a very interesting article by Jane Cadzow which gives one a chilling insight into how dangerous it could be for Australia if Tony Abbott becomes Prime Minister, owing his victory to the money and influence of this very determined and controlling woman.

Rinehart’s recent substantial investments in media interests also give one an understanding of the overwhelming bias of the Australian media against this Labor government and its Prime Minister.  I’ve often been appalled at how badly the MSM treat anything constructive about them while at the same failing to print anything critical of the Opposition, particularly about the very gaffe prone Abbott.   Even Fairfax and the ABC have joined the Murdoch News Ltd line, so that the one third of independent reporting and commenting one might expect from our media just isn’t there.

Reading this material about Gina Rinehart’s influence on Tony Abbott and his party’s direction I began to see how her vast wealth, is impacting on our media too, even that not directly controlled by Rupert Murdoch.  lt explains the almost universal and vicious media determination to destroy the reputations of the PM and other Labor politicians while protecting those of Abbott and his Coalition colleagues.    An example of this is the coverage  of today’s Invasion Day protest where the ABC reportage gives the impression that Aboriginal anger was directed at Julia Gillard, when in fact it was Tony Abbott’s careless remarks which had incited the riot.

Rinehart’s active participation in the 2010 demonstrations against Kevin Rudd’s first attempt to bring in a tax on the super profits of mining companies was undoubtedly a factor in his downfall.  Who will forgot those images of her wearing her gleaming pearls with Twiggy Forrest up on the back of a ute,  urging on the crowd and joining their chorus of “Axe The Tax!”    What a contrast in her modest demeanour recently meeting the Queen.   Could her Majesty have guessed that she was meeting the world’s richest woman,  soon to be the world’s richest individual?     No wonder Tony Abbott wants to keep her friendship and support!    I marvel at Prime Minister Julia Gillards continued sang-froid as every day she responds to the media attacks in what is indeed a grim war.


Hillbilly Skeleton,     26/01/12,   Your verse sparkles like a diamond. Thank you so much for posting this pome on my blog, as it is so pertinent to the topic I have spoken about.

Talk Turkey,     29/01/12,         Patricia WA I omitted my acknowledgement of your pome January 26.       Double-rhymed, hope everybody realises, it’s so much harder doing that but I love it.

But this is the line about BIG Gina – And men –  That hangs in the air:

This woman’s fortune is so gigantic
It makes men mad and sycophantic.

‘Tis true! I sighed . . .
Still, it can’t be applied
On the other side
Of the gender divide! Smile

Only joking, I do know what you mean. I am firmly in favour of the impersonal masculine in such applications as, “Each climber must carry his own swag” where that covers ems and efs, and I am in favour of ships and other such expensive beautiful objects of our regard as feminine . . . and whales too obviously . . . as in Th’ar she Blows!   . . . which brings us back to Big Gina . . . Smile !      Oops Bad Turkey. Poor Gina!      She probably has a a hormone  imbalance,  nothing to do with gluttony.

Miglo,    03/02/12,     You’re a very talented lady, there is no doubt.

Pip,     04/02/12,     Another great effort,  Patricia

Wixxy,     08/02/12,       Patricia, you rhyme like you are a rapper……..

And dump on Abbott like he’s in a crapper.
I hope you keep writing this stuff,
Cos I for one, just can’t get enough                     Great post :-)

Patriciawa,    08/02/12        Thanks,   Wixxy.   I love your own sense of humor.    My favorite post of yours was that one about a week in the life of the Coalition shown in pictures with  captions.

Sean O’Shannessy,    29/08/13,     Do U reckon “The #PhonyTony Blues” could be LNP anthem for this election? Share if U think it should

The Phony Tony Blues
(To the tune of “Summertime Blues”)


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