No Stress or Strine at this Test for Julia!

Last year they said that Julia was to blame;
If she’d been there we’d have won the Ashes.
Those commentators! They’re all the same,
Looking for bad news and headline splashes.

This year should be good for the PM’s name.
There she was,  smiling and in the pink,
When Clarke made history in our national game.
Has any journo paused to stop and think?

Where was Tony Abbott?   He’d want to claim
To be like Howard,  the cricket tragic,
Something obviously denied that dame.
He’d want photo ops,  to share the magic.

But he was out of state,  out of the frame,
Far from his home town and the SCG,
Driving a giant rig to win acclaim,
Well planned, he’d thought, for great publicity.

How desperately this man was seeking fame
With a stunt to show him high behind the wheel!
Then the PM attends a cricket game
Where fortune smiles on her – and plants its seal.

NOTES:       I swear John Birmingham was more than half serious on his blog this time last year when Australia lost the Ashes at the Melbourne Cricket Ground when he claimed that it was all Julia Gillard’s fault.   She should have been there!   Her preference for the Sydney Cricket Ground in 2011 where Jane McGrath Day was in its third year broke a long tradition of Australian Prime Ministers attending test cricket at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, with this particular one being the decider which returned the Ashes to the Poms.

Birmingham had tongue in cheek of course, but it was not the last in a long litany of complaints about Julia Gillard’s person quite apart from her policies and her political capacity.  A major issue at that time was her accent, a broad Australian one!    I suspect that Labor and Coalition politics aside, the silly season meant that journalists seized on the chance to discuss the Prime Minister’s many imagined failings and to promote the imagined virtues of Action Man, Tony Abbott.   I enjoyed writing about these at the time, particularly Julia’s strong strine accent, and Abbott’s phoney claims to being a cricket tragic.

Mr. Rabbit’s just not worth the time.
Send him off! Back into his hutch.
Let’s hear “Howzat!’ and “Play the gayme!”
Called by Julia.   She’s got the winning touch.

It’s great this year that by being faithful to Jane McGrath’s memory and consistent in her loyalties the Prime Minister is in the right place at the right time and displaying the deft touch she has in managing her government which has seen her survive successfully so far for all the negative media coverage of her and her party, and the crazy commentary and undue focus on Tony Abbott’s endless stunts.   This last one falling particularly flat.


Min,    06/01/12,     Very nice picture of Julia today resplendant in a hot pink chapeau.

Actually..on thinking about it, technically it’s a fedora..good rhyming word there :)

Pip,    06/01/12,    Min, the “pink day” is now a regular feature at the SGC Test match, in aid of the McGrath Foundation which raises funds to provide carers for breast cancer sufferers.   There were burly blokes with pink beards, hats, various outfits, all in pink :smile:

Nice pome patricia, Abbott ‘out of state, out of frame’, gee that sounds good, should happen more often.

WHY exactly does he need to have a ‘combination’ licence, and is that a full truck licence.
WHY does he need to get a truckies licence at all when he could be working in is own electorate for a change.
Maybe he’s in the wrong job :grin:

Catching up,     06/01/12,

Where was Tony during the break. Spending time obtaining a licence to drive a truck. Why, so he could perform better stunts. That is in his eyes.Would his time been better spent study much of what the PM has done in the last twelve months and be better informed when interviewed.Maybe he should have spent some time reading. But then this man who drives trucks, does not need to know more.  Stunts, the bigger and more outlandish is all one needs to drive the government of Australia After all one does not need to know the nuts and bolts of what one is going to dismantle. All one needs to know is that Labor introduced the bills, and that alone makes them bad.   While one is at it, they may as well dismantle everything the previous Labor government did. Fair Work being on top of the list.    It is true, Mr. Abbott would say, that the voters did not know what they where doing at the last two electionsMr. Abbott would say, it is time for those born to rule be returned to the fold.     Yes, the most important thing that Mr. Abbott could do with his spare time was to get a truck licence.   Maybe he will need it for his career change that is surely on the horizon or just over the hill.   Where was Tony during the break. Spending time obtaining a licence to drive a truck.    Why, so he could perform better stunts. That is in his eyes.   Would his time been better spent study much of what the PM has done in the last twelve months and be better informed when interviewed.  Maybe he should have spent some time reading.

Very good, Patricia. You seem to do better with every effort.

lyn,     06/01/12,     you have chosen a beautiful picture of Julia Patricia:-         Cheers SmileSmileSmile


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