Tony Abbott’s Christmas Song

Next weekend in Canberra,
So all the papers say,
Tony Abbott, Rupert’s boy,
Will work on Christmas Day!

Journalists and cameramen,
Dare not disobey.
They must record his every word,
And just for normal pay.

Hark how all the media sing!
A man at last!    Hooray!
That’s how PMs in Oz should be!
At work on Christmas Day!

Recorders hum and mobiles ring.
The shock jocks yack away.
This is how a leader’s born!
What master power play!

And where will Julia Gillard be?
Where else but in SA,
Spending time with her mum and dad,
At home on Christmas Day.

She’s written her instructions down.
It’s there in her “Out” tray.
Whatever Tony Abbott asks,
As usual, say “OK!”

She’s long gone, having set the scene
For Tony’s shadow play,
When News Ltd’s messiah
Appears on Christmas Day.

Bells ring out and children sing,
Awaiting Santa’s sleigh.
Before sun’s up they’re out of bed
And on the beach to play.

Headlines shout and emails ping!
Who’s reading what they say?
That Man will be known for evermore
For spoiling Christmas day!

NOTES:     This spoof on the old English carol, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, was inspired by an exchange of  comments on Larvatus Prodeo between Tigtog and Joe2 about Tony Abbott’s willingness to work on Christmas Day to find a solution to the current Asylum Seeker impasse.    There has been  much derision from the Left about Abbott’s sincerity since letters were published showing how Prime Minister, Julia Gillard,  and her Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen,  had been seeking meetings with him  for some time, even before the tragedy off the coast of Indonesia on August 19th.   He is now insisting that though he is willing to work on Christmas Day he still needs a firm proposal he can consider before then!   

There’s plenty of discussion in the media and the blogosphere about a likely compromise now that both sides of politics are being pressured by public opinion.  I found this little exchange at Larvatus Prodeo somehow encapsulated the stand-off between the two sides.    Joe2 suggested that Julia Gillard should call Tony Abbott’s bluff and test the idea from jumpy  that Abbott’s offer was more sincere coming from a religious man to the atheist Julia Gillard.     Tigtog responded……….

Talk about spin, jumpy. December 25th is a secular family holiday as much (if not more) than a religious holiday, so atheists (and believers of non-Christian faiths) enjoy a day spent with their friends and families at least as much as the Christians enjoy the religious celebration. Why would the PM want to intrude on the nation’s family holiday by foisting herself on the daily news (unless something otherwise notable occurs on the day)?

I rather liked the idea that barring another tragedy in this monsoon season, which God forbid, Tony Abbott might be shooting himself in the foot by refusing to talk to the government except on  Christmas Day, and now  only to Julia Gillard and only about Nauru…….etc.


Feral Skeleton,    21/12/11,    Just magnificent! It’s one that should be sent to the likes of Laura Tingle and her Carollers to sing! Laughing

Catching up,    21/12/11,    Patricia, I believe that is your best effort.    Mr Abbott thinks himself so smart for thinking up a Christmas day stunt. My advice for a child demanding attention, ignore him.  If he’s genuine, he will take the gag off his shadow minister, Mr. Morrison and let him meet Mr. Bowen tomorrow or Friday.   Leave Christmas day alone.

Roswell,     21/12/11,   Bravo Patricia.    I’m certain there’ll be a Christmas Day photo of Tony Abbott somewhere in the media.    Some poor cameraman will have to give up lunch with his family because the boss will want a vote scoring photo of Abbott.

George,    21/12/11,     PatriciaWA! Excellent!

kezza2,    21/12/11,     I was wondering where that was heading, quite frankly.
But super ending. Loved it.

victoria,     21/12/11,   PatriciaWA,    Very entertaining. :)   Let us hope that Abbott gets the judo chop, so we dont have a spoilt 2012!!!

smithe,    21/12/11m    Hola Blodgers.  Been in and out of here for a while, but just wanted to add my Christmas best wishes to all Bludgers………………….BTW, Good job on the Abbott Chrissie card, George.    And Patricia, that spoof on Hark the Herald Angels Sing was a corker. One of the best satires I’ve seen in recent months. Good work the both of you…………………………………

gravel,     21/12/11,   Patricia, just popped in here to wish you a great Christmas and New Year, and what did I find but this great pome. I loved the ending, says it all for me. Take care and look forward to more pome’s next year.

billie,     21/12/11,     Superb!    as usual.

lyn,     22/12/11,     Hi Patricia  Your Pome is superb, it has it’s own unique jingle, I am humming it now.  Love your piece of opinion at the bottom .  Well done Patricia, Oh! yes and your imbedded links, brilliant,  see how clever you really are.    Thankyou very much for your many genuine informative posts on TPS throughout 2011.  They are appreciated by us all.   You brighten up the page with you little rose covered Tacker.  

Here is a copy of the tweet I posted for you this morning:  lynlinkingLyn LinkingTony Abbotts Christmas Song Patricia wa    So all the papers say Tony Abbott Rupert’s boy Will work on Christmas Day sharing

Ted,     27/12/11,     Loved your pome – you are so verbally adept!


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