Budget Smugglers Can’t Hide A Dirty Big Black Hole.

From whatever point of view one looks
The Liberal Party cooked its books,
Then tried to get the voters’ plaudit
Pretending there’d been a public audit.

Tony Abbott will not admit that’s fraud,
Claims he’s honest and above board.
But his team are crooks, number jugglers.
Why else does he wear those budget smugglers?

Every day, even when he’s out for jogs,
He never goes without those togs,
He much prefers them to underwear,
Keeping a copy of his lies down there.

Because of Canberra’s wintry cold
There’s plenty of room.  As each one’s told,
He shoves them in until he’s calmer
Or can climb into his body armor.

His lieutenants then repeat his lies;
Hockey sweating, with averted eyes,
Robb, who knows that lying’s bad,
Looks daily more depressed and sad.

But Abbott urges them both to fight.
Good Catholics all, they know what’s Right!
Forgiveness will come from Cardinal Pell.
Labor and the country can go to hell!

NOTES   I drafted this yesterday as I followed the thread of comments by visitors to Cafe Whispers on a post by wixxy.  He was writing about the confidence trick Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb had tried to pull on the Australian public by claiming that their 2010 pre-election budget figures, which they refused to have checked by Treasury, had been audited by reputable Public Accountants.

Now these same accountants have been fined and ‘reprimanded’ by a disciplinary tribunal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants for failing to disclose that the statement they made certifying the Liberal Party’s budget figures was not in fact a proper audit.  Well regarded journalist and economics commentator, Peter Martin,  has written a good overview of the legal implications of this ruling    He seems to agree with Treasurer Wayne Swann’s comment that this  judgement was “the final nail in the coffin for the Liberals’ economic credibility”.

I found Laura Tingle’s Walkley winning article written soon after they attemped the ‘sting’ just as telling long before this finding.  She and Peter Martin are among the few in the Canberra Press Gallery willing to call Abbott and the Coalition shadow ministers on their dishonest and manipulative tactics.  Tingle makes very clear her opinion of their behaviour as they tried to deceive the public about their budget black hole.

There are two possible explanations for how an opposition presenting itself as an alternative government could end up with an $11 billion hole in the cost of its election commitments.    One is that they are liars, the other is that they are clunkheads. Actually, there is a third explanation: they are liars and clunkheads.   But whatever the combination, they are not fit to govern.

Whatever the failings of main stream media in reporting or commenting on this attempt to win government by  fraud and other frequent and self confessed lying by  Tony Abbott, the electorate at large seem wise to his general lack of principles and don’t trust or like him very much.  That’s pretty clear from the latest Newspoll as discussed by the Pollbludger.  The ALP are still well behind the Coalition in voter preference,  but Julia Gillard has drawn ahead as preferred Prime Minister.  Tony Abbott with his highest yet disapproval rating as Leader of the Opposition seems to be disliked (mistrusted?) by almost sixty per cent of respondents.  It seems that nothing, not his media stunts nor populist slogans, not even his budget smugglers can conceal his lies no matter how hard he tries.


Min,     06/12/11.   Patricia, I think that you must have had great fun writing that one..loads of chuckles from yours truly.

Roswell,     06/12/11,  “Budget smugglers”. One of the wittiest phrases I’ve heard in years.      He wears them well.

Miglo,      06/12/11     Another gem, Patricia. Not only cleverly written, but oh so true.

Lyn,       0 7/12/11 11     Patricia,    You have written a ripper of a pome this time, love it.  When someone’s work is brilliant, it makes it hard for me to select  an excerpt.

Talk Turkey,       07/12/11,    Patricia,   The focus of the Budget Smugglers, the Big Black Hole, is the single biggest lie since Children Overboard. It should be a national scandal, and NUKE the Coalons until after all the front bench has been replaced. I reckon you’re pretty game to get anywhere near Snotty Joe’s big black hole though . . . (after all it is his that we’re talking about.)

Nasking,    07/12/11,    Budget Smugglers Can’t Hide A Dirty Big Black Hole
LOL Patricia.    I can imagine seein’ a film w/ this title in an early 70s Nth American independent cinema. Smile Add a funky soundtrack.

Gravel,     10/12/11,      Another one of your wonderful gems Patricia. I love them all.  Thank you.


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