Abbott, Only A Prawn In Gillard’s Game!

Julia Gillard, no boxer, runner or athlete,
Is winning now, not just staying on her feet.
And it’s ‘ironman’ Tony Abbott , who’s a
Poor sport, on the ropes, a bad loser.

Crying “Foul!” he shouts out a portrayal
Of her latest ‘win’ as cheating, a betrayal
Of a parliamentary principle and rule,
Refusing to admit he’s been taken for a fool.

A self-promoting ‘star’ and champion,
Busy with his bike, stunts and triathalon,
He forgot his team and leader’s role,
Kicking, by Aussie rules, a spectacular own goal.

Yet he accuses Julia Gillard of poaching,
But won’t acknowledge his own poor coaching.
This year’s scores make clear his lack of skill;
Her two fifty goals to his side’s nil.

His pride and careless tactics caused it all
And pushed a weak team member to the wall.
No need for Gillard to plot or to conspire.
Outsider Slipper grabbed the chance to be umpire.

Now they’ve seen her bulldog perseverance,
Do selectors really need more clearance
Of her credentials, a further demonstration
Of this woman’s capacity to lead our nation?

If so, here’s proof she’s good at indoor games,
Like chess, where she can use her brains!
Look how she’s played the endgame of a Queen versus Pawn
And wiped out Tony Abbott,  for all his brawn!

NOTES:  I started this at Cafe Whispers  in response to so many comments about Tony Abbott’s response of outrage and blame of Julia Gillard for her duplicity in plotting to achieve Peter Slipper’s promotion to Speaker of the House of Representatives!  My reaction at first was one of outrage too – at Tony Abbott for his hypocrisy!  I couldn’t find much humor in it until  I found the cartoon by Mark Knight.   Suddenly it seemed very funny that Abbott was so angry and it was easy then to finish the pome and publish it.   I wonder if he has enough self understanding to realize what a fool he had been to leave himself so open to being check-mated by Gillard.

I am still bemused by the astonishment with which the resignation of Harry Jenkins was received by the Opposition and the subsequent media furore over his being replaced by Slipper who was already Deputy Speaker.   As Laura Tingle says in her AFR article, the most balanced account of Slipper’s acessession to the speakership,……

Everyone had a theory. But the truth was blindingly simple. Ever since Slipper ratted on his own party and stood for deputy speaker back when Gillard was first elected, it was obvious he would accept the position of speaker.”

So why hadn’t Tony Abbott and Liberal Party heavies been on daily red alert to act to prevent such an outcome?    Why Did John Howard, supposedly a man of some political nous, give such a glowing endorsement of Mal Brough, contender for Slipper’s seat of Fisher while in Nambour less than a week before Peter Slipper finally jumped ship on the Liberals?   Even Abbott himself had earlier encouraged Brough in his ambitions for a return to federal politics knowing that he lived in the electorate of Fisher.

If politicians like Independent Tony Windsor were well aware way back in 2010 of Slipper’s ‘availability’  for the Speakership and the potential grief Abbott was attracting by his reneging on the pairing convention for Speaker why weren’t Coalition advisors and media commentators on their guard?  Didn’t any one of them foresee  the sort of scenario which eventually played out as a result of the tight numbers in the House of Reps and their own antics there which were stressing out Harry Jenkins along?   They were well aware too, of Slipper’s flagging loyalty to his party since they themselves were its cause, promoting Mal Brough for preselection in his long held seat of Fisher.

Surely the National and Liberal party leaders together with Tony Abbott’s staffers should have been prepared to meet a range of contingencies which could arise from all that, particularly after Slipper’s brazen parading of his friendship with Kevin Rudd on the very day of Howard’s appearance in Queensland with John Connolly and Brough.    Even we humble bloggers over at Cafe Whispers  were alert to it!

Tony Abbott!   What a prawn!


Sue,     27/11/11,     ……….the press writes articles casting Abbott as a victim.   But you patriciawa have cast Abbott as just an odd crustacean.. …….And a wonderful pome.

jane,    27/11/11,      patriciawa, a raw and very smelly prawn indeed. Great pome.

janice2,     28/11/11,     That has got to be the very best pome you’ve ever written! I am amazed that you continue to out-do yourself. Thank you.

kezza2,     28/11/11,      Fabulous poem

victoria,    28/11/11,     PatriciaWA   Wonderful! You really know how to put a smile on my dial. You are one talented individual!!

Ad Astra,   28/11/11,    Thank you for posting your delightful pome on TPS.

Lyn,    28/11/11,    Hi Patricia, Congratulations on your latest Pome, your work is admired by all.    I was very proud to list you first today on “Today’s Links”.

Talk Turkey,    28/11/11,     PatriciaWA    Please Please Please always post your pomes here at TPS, wherever else I care not but always here,   OHHHHHH KAYYYYYYY?!!!



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