Who’d Want Howard Back?

John Howard has been Lazarus Rising,
Not just once, but twice.
His memoirs, Oz history revising,
Have been selling in the UK, cut price.

Now a crisis, most surprising,
Brings him back from Blighty in a trice.
The Liberal Party, catastrophising,
Are begging him for his advice.

Julia Gillard’s stocks are rising
In spite of all her ‘lies’.
So, should Tony Abbott go? No compromising?
No deals, no dice?

Other candidates they’re sizing
Up as leader seem to cut no ice.
Poor Andrew Robb has everyone despising
Him. You’d think he had head lice.

Joe Hockey won’t accept down-sizing.
For him that’s too big a sacrifice,
Unlike Malcolm Turnbull, who’s also tried disguising
His age with leather and Old Spice.

The great man smiles. “You need somone surprising
With a slogan, a rhetorical device.
Why not me? I’ll lead a Seniors Uprising
And show that Lazarus can rise not once, not twice, but thrice.

NOTES: One of my favorite sites, Cafe Whispers, has a new post by Miglo, titled Who Would Howard Back? which I read as Who’d Want Howard Back? Which gave rise to this pome! But never mind it’s given me the chance to read about disarray in the Liberal party over leadership speculation and to smile at the thought of a Seniors Uprising

The past few weeks has seen a refreshing trend in the media and opinion polls showing the Gillard Government recovering lost ground. At the same time Tony Abbott’s approval rating has slumped even further. Never really trusted by the electorate at large, and probably not by most in his party, he has nonetheless succeeded as Leader of the Opposition with his negative slogans and publicity stunts in undermining the credibility of the Prime Minister. Until now, that is.

Since his defeat of Malcolm Turnbull by one vote for the Liberal Party leadership his hold on the job hasn’t been seriously doubted, in spite of his obvious shortcomings as a potential Prime Minister, particularly in comparison with Turnbull who is seen to have style and gravitas as well as some grasp of public policy. The latter recently embarked on a fitness regime and general makeover giving rise to speculation that he was preparing to challenge for the leadership again. The downward trend for the Opposition in the polls and leadership speculation has caused some anxiety in the party in the absence of Tony Abbott in the United Kingdom.

There too, attending Conservative leader meetings, was John Howard who was also planning to make a speech at the Oxford Union which he quite suddenly cancelled, apologising with regret, saying that “circumstances have arisen requiring my departure from the UK”. He gave no further reasons for this and it could well be that they are personal and private. Rumors abound that he has been recalled to help resolve the current Liberal leadership crisis. At the same time media commentators and bloggers are enjoying the chance to discuss other likely contenders in the Liberal Party Leadership stakes.


Gravel, 13/11/11, Well done again Patricia, I can now go on with my housework singing (under my breath, no rhythm or tune, I was behind the door when they handed out the musical gift).

Möbius Ecko, 11/11/11, Of course there’s leadership problems in the Liberal Party. The sure sign of this was the OO launching yet another false round of Labor leadership speculation of Rudd overthrowing Gillard by the end of November.

Catching up, 11/11/11 It says something that four years down the track, the Liberal Party still runs to the desires of Mr. Howard. One would think that by this time, a new party would have arisen from the ashes of Mr. Howard’s defeat. This has not happened, the ghost of Mr. Howard still reigns

Sue 15/11/11, I love your pomes patriciawa and a good laugh is always best when talking on pollies


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