Royal Blush?

Could Tony Abbott have predicted
A time he’d ever be conflicted
Twixt loyalties rightly his Queen’s
Or Crown Casino’s poker machines?

Asked that question about a year ago
He would for sure have answered, “No!”
But then hurt pride and thwarted ambition
Hadn’t yet goaded him to near sedition.

Wondering how to please James Packer,
He dreamed up what he thought a cracker
Of a stunt. A promo for strip poker!
He’d be hailed an Ace! Our own Oz Joker!

Front page pix of Tony Abbott’s arrest
Reveal much more than his hairy chest.
Notorious now as the ‘CHOGM gate crasher’
He’s certified; the world’s most famous flasher.

Mad for power and media attention,
He broke every constitutional convention.
His defence? He was irrational, confused,
Unaware Her Majesty was not amused.

NOTES: Tony Abbott’s gatecrashing of CHOGM for bi-lateral talks with leading figures like the British PM, David Cameron, and as well to give press conferences which upstaged the Prime Minister led to speculation at Cafe Whispers and other sites about other attention seeking stunts he might pull.

Which got me thinking about his prediction that he and the Liberal Party would rescind any legislation Julia Gillard’s government might pass on a mandatory pre-commitment scheme brought in to reduce problem gambling.

This naturally enough had me wondering what the Leader of the Opposition could do to help his friend and political ally, James Packer. who has been hurt and upset by accusations from leftie latte drinkers that his poker machines cause suffering to addicts!

Inevitably too it had me indulging in a bit of wishful thinking! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the political career of the Mad Monk was ended by one last stunt which went too far! And one involving over exposure of that manly physique we’ve seen far too much of already! What better defence could he offer for an act of gross indecency than that of another Liberal politician who claimed confusion and irrationality when recently on trial for shop lifting and assault of a security guard.

PS – Reading the transcript of the joint press conference last night between UK PM David Cameron and our own PM Julia Gillard in which the truth was spoken about the status of carbon pricing throughout the world with careful circumventing of Abbott and our national debate by both speakers I marvelled at their maturity compared with his idiotic efforts to draw attention to himelf. What can Abbott now do? No doubt he will try something!


Sue, 29/10/11, Good grief patriciawa I am now really worried about what the nutter will do at the BarBQue. It is his last chance for a photo op with the Queen. We can only hope that security is wise and they keep and eye out for the stalker.

Victoria, 29/10/11, Much appreciated.

Casablanca 29/10/11 Flattered that I played some small part in sparking another poem but all the glory goes to you for yet another very apt and witty offering. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword!

jane 29/10/11, Mind you, Casablanca, I wouldn’t mind seeing Liealot run through with a well aimed Gillard sword.

Casablanca 29/10/11, jane – Agree. It would be nice to see Liealot run through by a well aimed Gillard sword. But first I want to see him done slowly by PatriciaWA

Ad Astra 29/10/ll PatriciaWA I liked your poem and your comment on polliepomes. How true.


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