Un-named sources in the Coalition……….

Un-named sources in the Coalition,
Fear their leader risks his soul’s perdition.
He’s not been home for a month or so.
Why that is, no one really seems to know.

Canberra is rife with rumor!
The L.O.T.O. is in a dark, black humor.
Seems his spouse has told him to get out. ” Just go!”
She’s so sick of hearing him say,  “No!”

Apparently when Mr. Rabbit
Is offered food he’ll simply grab it
To eat later,    ‘cos he ‘s always on the go.
Wives will tell you that’s much worse than, “No!”

He can’t be having an affaire!
Cameras follow him everywhere.
Every inch of film would surely show
Female advances are always met with “No!”

Though he might as well have sold his arse,
With Windsor’s fairy tale now come to pass,
As Greens pay up with a handsome beau
When he joins with them in voting “No!”

But Mr. Rabbit has no time for sex.
He gets his kicks with a muscle flex,
Or, after giving his word on a quid pro quo
He takes it back with a self serving “No!”

But will he never meet damnation’s fire
For being a cheat and a serial liar?
If at life’s end he can penance show,
He surely won’t refuse with his usual “No?”

Well now, that is anybody’s guess.
So rarely in his life has he said, “Yes!”
He’s trained himself so well, that his ego
May automatically reply,  “No! No! No! No! No!

NOTES: Like many bloggers at Cafe Whispers and The Political Sword I am sick of hearing news stories on the ABC which begin with the headline “The Leader of the Opposition says…….” and reading media reports and commentary about national politics based entirely on speculation or hearsay, all too often promoted by the Opposition. It seems that whenever they want to distract from their own bad news they find some way of generating a rumor about the Prime Minister’s struggling leadership and reports of challenges from Kevin Rudd. They don’t let up even when the story is denied by the man himself.

I love a good yarn and gossip as much as anyone but I hesitate when it comes to issues which are sub judice like the case of Liberal Senator, Mary Jo Fisher.  Even worse, in my opinion, are the relentless attacks with speculation and allegations about someone against whom no charges have been laid,  like Labor MP, Craig Thomson. This week it seemed almost poetic justice when the media came up with a well substantiated story about Liberal MP, Sophie Mirabella, surely one of the most aggressively slanderous politicians in Canberra. But it’s possible that the story of her reported malfeasance may be ruled out of the public arena, so I reluctantly hold fire and refrain from further comment. I thought this little picture of the Leader of the Opposition with his dear friend and colleague, the Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, might speak more than any words of mine. Aren’t they a lovely pair?

I would love to write a polliepome about all of these people and join the gossip grapevine but I’ve held back, regretfully. Then today I saw the chance to do a bit of enjoyably useful gossip mongering of my own, when someone reported a delicious rumor about Tony Abbott committing adultery, a mortal sin for any Catholic, let alone a former priest! I think it was first heard in an airport lounge. My usual reservations about hearsay stayed my hand until I realized I could legitimately write a few verses based on my own personal observation of the Leader of the Opposition , who once admitted that he was more than capable of breaking the Church’s rules.

He has also admitted on national TV that he tells lies and doesn’t keep promises except when given in writing! This makes his accusing Julia Gillard of lying and breaking a promise breathtakingly hypocritical, given that her alleged ‘promise’ was not in writing! He’s notoriously bad tempered too, given to breaking glass doors when thwarted. Added to all that, he’s never at home! He’s always out on his bike, at the beach, fighting fires or all over the country doing promos, stunts and photo ops. So here’s my bit of rumor mongering, but it’s all based on known facts! I think my speculations will ultimately be proven true. Lack of denial from the Leader of the Opposition confirms my suspicions!


Catching up, 25/09/11, Spot on.

BSA Bob, 25/09/11, I’m just grateful (& a bit surprised) the ABC didn’t do a “The Federal Opposition says…” when reporting on Swan’s recent award.

Patricia WA 25/09/11, Agreed, Bob. And now I’m wondering how long we have to wait before we get a comment from Tony Abbott or anyone in the Opposition about the unfair treatment in the media of their much esteemed colleague and fellow Shadow Minister.

Hafizullah Marren, 04/10/2011, First time here. Awesome blog and super post. Well done.


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