A Fair Go for Julia Gillard?

Asked should Julia Gillard get our traditional fair go,
Last year most Aussies would’ve answered “Yes!”
But last September we didn’t know
What lay ahead. Did any of us guess?

Do you remember a year ago?

Then we marvelled at our politicians
Working together in Downunderland
Where a Rainbow Coalition
Like something out of Wonderland
Had miraculously appeared.
Its members of such quality
Spirits rose, all the people cheered.
A ‘kinder, gentler polity’
Than this nation’s usual habit
Had even been suggested,
Would you believe, by Tony Abbott.
Then suddenly he protested
Such politics consensual
Were not appropriate in Oz.
Now he found it was essential
To drop that earlier view because

Circumstances had changed! And so….

Angry that his generosity
To some had clearly been abused
He was full of animosity.
The thought that he had been been refused
Gave rise to one long beef and bitch.
Those who’d foiled his life’s ambition
He dreamed of burning with that ‘witch.’
Daily, in a war of near attrition,
He’s made ferocious media forays
To attack her, ruin her reputation,
Against all parliamentary mores
With News Ltd’s approbation.
Yet she’s stood her ground, has his mettle,
Kept her cool, further enraging him,
When she taunted, ‘Oh, poor petal!’
As he sulked like a child denied his whim.

Seems he’ll never learn that wishing doesn’t make it so.

But Julia Gillard is already wise,
She knows how to make her own fair go,
Garnering those all important “Ayes!”
While Abbott stamps his foot with, “NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!”

NOTES: Reading Ad Astra’s post “Is Julia Gillard entitled to a fair go?” I felt I just had to write some verses in response, particularly since it’s now a full year since the Prime Minister was able negotiate with the Independents and the Greens to form government. Since it’s also the third anniversary of Ad Astra’s setting up of his very successful website The Political Sword this ‘pome’ is for him.

I’ve been frustrated throughout the year with the mainstream media, particularly News Ltd, echoing Tony Abbott’s constant refrain about Julia Gillard’s dishonesty and incompetence when all objective evidence is to the contrary. Her so-called ‘assassination’ of Kevin Rudd, and alleged ‘lie’ about the carbon tax even if they were true are both in the order of not unusual behaviour in ambitious politicians. As such they should have been long forgotten. These two factors are supposed to somehow explain her ‘lack of authority’ and ‘unpopularity’ as confirmed by no less an authority than the once unpopular and now former Prime Minister John Howard . These aside, I see little evidence of her being responsible for the ‘worst government since Federation,’ as Tony declaims almost every day and in every possible way he can devise.

Yet with a never ending stream of clever stunts and photo ops he gets that message out, supported by Murdoch’s media might, echoed by others in the commentariat, even in the ABC news room and probably helped by big business with astro turfing. It’s a lie that’s been repeated so often that according to opinion polls most Australians believe that Julia Gillard is a poor leader, the country badly run, her government doomed and her party, at death’s door, is riven with factional intrigues against her.

Ad Astra exposes that picture as simply false and outlines the remarkable achievements of the Gillard government. The economy is sound, a record number of bills have been steered and passed through Parliament, with many landmark reforms among them, and there have been no challenges to her leadership. Nor does she lack vision or narrative, a story to tell about her plans for Australia. In arguing that Julia Gillard has not been given her ‘right to a fair go.’ Ad Astra has chosen the words she uses herself in describing that vision and her plans.

She knows that the right to a “fair go” is the thing almost all Australians put at the top of their list when it comes to values, along with access to education, employment conditions, health, and welfare support. These are all areas in which her government has introduced sound reform within the past year! Many of these reforms, and others relating to infrastructure and the environment, have been designed and achieved by negotiation with the Independents and with the Greens to say nothing of balancing differing, even conflicting, views within her own party.

So how could I write a ‘pome’ about all that? How could I review the solid achievements of Julia Gillard and her government in their first year and support Ad Astra’s plea for Australians to give their Prime Minister a fair go? Well, in the end I couldn’t. I did try telling her story in verse, but as I typed what kept echoing in my head was this. If Aussies really think that Julia Gillard is bad, they need to be shown that Tony Abbott is much much much worse.


Ad astra, 16/09/11, Patricia WA
I read your enjoyable pome on polliepomes on the iPad this morning in a pathology waiting room. What skill and genuineness you exhibit when you write verse. Thank you for the dedication of your pome to this piece on TPS. That is much appreciated.

Iain Hall, 16/09/11, There is something very sad about your post, sad that you can’t see the wood for the trees when it comes to Julia’s ineptitude in government and the reasons why her decline is all the result of her own actions rather than the media conspiracy that you claim here.

Gravel, 18/09/11, Patricia, as you clearly state, Liealot, in league with the media, particularly the Murdoch lot, has so badly misrepresented our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and her party and all their achievements. I am so disgusted with the ABC, there are no words to express the sadness that they have descended to such a low level. In fact they repeat the rot, every day and every week of the year. The inventor of propaganda would be more than proud of what is happening in Australia. In your last sentence do you mean that Australia should have a taste of what Abbott would be like as PM? Unfortunately it would be total disaster but the media would report it as wonderful. I can feel a dictatorship coming on.

Patricia WA, 18/09/11, No Gravel, I don’t think Australia should have a taste of what Abbott would be like as PM. I just want the media to show him as he really is! Inconsistent, hypocritical, bullying, opportunistic, dishonest and not at all interested in the national well being.

Hafizullah Marren, 25/09/11, First time here. Awesome blog and super post. Well done.

Stafford Hall, 27/09/11, At the front Sophie Mirror ball, you know, the one who didnt declare $100k in donations to her (very) perverse cause…….


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