Auction Here For Abbott’s Arse!

With problems at my preferred site
From a bumchum talking lots of shite,
I decided to come here to speak,
Not wait for him to turn the other cheek.

Who’d have thought it would come to pass
That Labor’s fortunes turned on Abbott’s arse ?
Seems he said he’d be prepared to sell it!
Desperate words from a religious zealot.

I thought he’d already sold his soul
Desperately grasping for his life’s goal.
So this latest for him was no worse than a lie
He could later confess to, or even deny.

Or he could shrug it off as leftie spin.
It’s not always judged a mortal sin,
Sometimes leniently viewed by Cardinal Pell,
So there’s not much chance he’ll go to hell.

Which really is a pity, you know, because
We’d rather that fate for him, than Oz.


This post is not meant to be homophobic, though I can see its potential to be so read. Gay friends of good heart, be at ease. This is simply intended to enable some of us who are frustrated by a couple of unpleasant trolls to speak our minds without adding to their contentious and often insulting dialogue.

Two of my favorite sites and I myself personally have been plagued by two pests determined to disrupt and insult. Both those sites have a policy of minimal censorship which is great in principal but can prove very frustrating at times when a sane thread is sabotaged by their sarcasm, sleaze and slurs. There is always a welcome for constructive criticism and comment at The Political Sword and at Cafe Whispers.

My own site is not really intended for blogging, rather it’s a personal record of my rhyming posts elsewhere with any comments I particularly like, as well as an explanation of whatever inspired me to write.

I told fellow bloggers at both those sites that anyone itching to speak their mind about unwelcome attempts to disrupt a decent site is welcome to comment here. I’ve refrained from putting this on TPS or Cafe Whispers for obvious reasons, quite apart from the superficial issue in the title having passed its use by date. I have decided to publish it on my own site where I exercise my absolute right to delete offensive comments. I’m open to constructive criticism but I don’t have to accept insults and slurs. I decide who is persona non grata on my blog and the acceptability of what they say!

There is a potentially offensive term contained in the first verse of this pome so I offered to remove it if asked. No one did. So here it stands. My troll friends continue with their sneers and innuendos elsewhere, as they do in attacking others who hold different opinions from themselves. They are well known now, so their potential for damage decreases daily.


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7 Responses to Auction Here For Abbott’s Arse!

  1. "bumchum" of Melbourne says:

    fascinatingly insightful some deep-seated attitudes!

  2. Bony bums have never been my thing PWA. 😉

  3. patriciawa says:

    Thanks, ‘bumchum’ of Melbourne. I note you have ‘deleted’ your original comment. Can I take it that you want it to remain there pro tem? I would have left it there anyway, until I remove the whole post.

  4. Gravel says:

    Again, well done Patricia, you have summed up Sir Liealot really well It’s a real bun fight at TPS at the moment. Make a person feel a bit icky, luckily I only missed reading yesterday. One good thing about gravatars is that it is easy to scroll on by.

  5. patriciawa says:

    Thanks Gravel. Yes.It is easy to scroll past them and refrain from comment, but simply ignoring them just doesn’t work. These two particular characters are very persistent pests and a waste of time and space. As well they foul the thread and deter potential visitorsm, preventing a healthy flow of genuine commentary and discussion.

  6. BilB says:

    Nice piece on Arse.

    Here is my one and only wingeing pome, Its called “Chance of Overthrow?”

    Its so hard to avoid it and I’m fed up and annoyed at
    That Toxic Loudmouth Abbott who needed muting long ago,
    And the High Court d’cision fowling gov’mnts plans, News Oz ever scowling
    Thrust to Julia the queiry “is there a chance of overthrow”?

    Jules laughs, “don’t worry or believe it”, Aussies will perceive that,
    Its a very minor setback a’side our win on Carbon char,
    If you need something to sport you, contemplate how our side view
    those opposite 2 long years to spend, with bums feathered over tar.

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