Poor Fellows, My Countrymen!

Once proud strong Aussies are crying poor,
They’re sad and worried, don’t know what for.
Tony Abbott says the reason why
Is that Julia Gillard told a lie.

He’s determined they should know the facts
About her proposal for a carbon tax.
When they know the truth they’re bound to can it
And opt for his own scheme to save the planet.

So he’s travelling here and appearing there
Warning everyone of the great big scare
Julia Gillard’s raised about pollution
As subterfuge for a social revolution.

People should beware the views of economists
Who are just a bunch of pinko optimists.
Nor should they put too much reliance
On so called experts in climate science.

Soon the mines will close and the shops will shut
It will even affect the Pizza Hut.
No more takeaways and no more lattes
No more chocolates or fois gras pates.

So much hardship for the diligent
To make life easy for the indigent!
She’ll rob citizens with aspirations
To give to those in lowly occupations.

That’s why Abbott will give this tax the knife.
On that he’s gambling his political life.
This means if Gillard wins he’ll lose his job
Then he too would have real cause to sob.

Why can’t someone tell him, “No worries mate!
Cheer up! Look at our employment rate!
Those jobs you’ve shown on tele you can do,
They’ll attract an offer, just right for you.”

“We’ve watched you mix cement and dish out shit,
Demonstrating to us you’re so bloody fit.
For a guy like you it’ll be a doddle
To get casual work as an art school model.”

But this is a man whom nothing daunts.
Anger, strife and tears all meet his wants.
He needs chaos, riots, even a bullet dodged.
It’s all her fault! How dare she have what should be his – The Lodge.

NOTES: This is a wry attempt not to cry about politics this week when despite an upbeat and well received presentation of the new Pricing Carbon policy on Sunday, as well as brilliant performances since by Julia Gillard on the ABC’s Q&A program, on Channel 10’s 7pm Project and at the National Press Club she still doesn’t seem to get the credit she deserves. All the time Tony Abbott has continued with the Great Big New Tax scare campaign, with no reference being made in the media about his impact on national consumer confidence figures which are of real concern to retailers and business generally. Publication of the government’s Pricing Carbon policy has been well received by economists and environmentalists but the national mood of doubt about its impact and dislike for the Prime Minister continue to be headlined by the media.

Community meetings and shopping centre walkabouts are now marked by unpleasant confrontations. There are threats of violence towards politicians and climate scientists. Talk-back radio is full of complaints from disgruntled callers expresssing doom and gloom and a fear of losing their jobs and that the cost of living will escalate. All this despite assurances from Treasury modelling showing a strong future for industry and compensation, tax relief, pension increases and the like to deal with the transition to the new clean energy economy. Possibly ten per cent of our wealthiest citizens could find themselves $500 p.a. worse off, i.e. less than ten dollars a week, if they don’t do a few simple things about energy saving like turning off lights, TVs and radios when not in use or driving their cars less often. Tony Abbott has declared this to be ‘class war’ on aspirational members of the community! All this in a country with the one of the highest standards of living in the world and possibly the strongest and most debt free economy. All this crying poor as an excuse for not doing something to clean up pollution in the atmosphere to which we have contributed more than our fair share! We have been the worst polluters. It’s time we cleaned up a bit after ourselves.

Best commentary I’ve read on this and an inspiration for this pome is a fiercely forthright article by Geoff Lemon titled $10? Feeling the pain? Carbon class war? You must be joking! which says it all, really.


Feral Skeleton,    15/07/11   PatriciaWA,    Your pomes just get better and better every day. Please don’t ever stop. They brighten up a very dark world of politics, which has even had David Horton despairing.

Ad Astra,     15/07/11,    Patricia WA, Thanks for your delightful pome.

Talk Turkey,    15/07/11,    PatriciaWA wrote in her latest pome (Which might lay claim to being her greatest pome)
“No more takeaways and no more lattes
No more chocolates or fois gras pates.” 

Patricia Patricia
Your rhymes are delicia!
But better still ish yer
Pomeses’ nutricia:
So Patricia we wish ya
Success wiv ya missia
May Fates’ fancies bliss ya!
Here’s a cyber-space Kiss ya!


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