Would Tony Abbott Stand For This?

No matter what Julia Gillard stands for,
Abbott’ll find something about it to abhor.
Soon he’ll point out she has no religion.
Think of that! None at all, not a smidgen!

But, what if……..persuaded by the Greens,
She’d met ‘His Holiness’ behind the scenes?
And then his photo op with the Dalai Lama
Made headlines. “Abbott Meets His Karma!”

If the PM, as the leader of our nation,
That day declared that Reincarnation
Was now the religion of the state,
How Aussies would love their trendy opiate!

Their PM ‘recognised’ as one who’d been
In former life the Tudor ‘Virgin’ Queen!
Around their common ancestries in Wales,
The Buddhists might weave some wondrous tales.

Both embodied that other Celt, Boadicea!
Two great spirits, reincarnate, in Julia!
Wise, strong women from the climes of Borealis
Enthroned again down here in Terra Australis!

NOTE: This was a light hearted response to a post by Ad Astra about what Julia Gillard really stands for. His article and the comments of regular Sword visitors express the frustration we lefties feel about Julia Gillard’s poor treatment by the media and an almost perverse determination on its part to belittle her and the achievements of her government.

I need to acknowledge the original art of Chris Achilleos whose brilliant portrait of Boadicea surely embodies what we now see in Julia Gillard. Bold, big breasted, beautiful, blonde hair though, geared up for war and well armoured. Formidable indeed! Perhaps I will use that alone for this one. Tony Abbott doesn’t need more exposure!

The picture of Julia, as if at prayer, was from a shot of her sitting in the House, listening to debate. Her expression struck me and I could imagine her praying for strength. Her strength is in fact really amazing, and her determination and courage under fire, as well as her grace and forbearance in the face of personal slights by shock jocks and others who should know better. !


DD.      30/06/11,    Patricia, AHH is this why i was sent here the other day, political poetry, well met……. Though i still maintain womban is approbation, not birthright, i do seem to remember a tear for Centralia when she returned. I still hope. Did you catch Tonys Better angels remark the other day, angles and little more methinks. But would she not be a wicce then being Celt or Kelt if you prefer? A Welsh gippy PM, now there is a spin I can spin with. LOL Thanks for the smile.

Patricia WA,      01/07/11      Remember that the wicce were good witches, DD, far from the evil stereotypes. Must think about that.

Gravel,     01/07/11,     Patricia I love your poem, it is so true. Great pictures, you sure have a good eye.

Stephen Grayson,      10/07/11,  HI, figured i would find mom hanging out in here somewhere. I’m Steph, D D s son. She has held you up to me as a “paragon” of how to go about this so i pop by and say hi.    P.S., did she send “is gender the agenda” to you or anywhere you know off? I.E…. is gender the agender?

Although I’m happy, I’m not gay.
It’s not my problem nor is it my way.
For why should I create a view?
If it has no bearing on me, what you do!

So I ask why is it that it still shocks,
When we teach a young child to Kick Box?
Wise would be the parent of the child,
Who is no easy victim of a paedophile.
Was not empowerment the magic trick,
To end Germaine Greers female eunich!

So a hundred years ago would you see a Lyn White,
Equipped with trained police insight.
Would you or I feel safe in a rural Asian midnight,,,,,,,<>>>>>>>>>>

Patricia WA,     10/07/11     Steph, not sure I’m the ‘paragon’ who can advise on this, I’m a learner on using a blog site and really only using this as somewhere to store stuff I’ve posted elsewhere, plus comments from there. But I was recommended http://wordpress.com/ as the place to come to get a site set up, and I’ve found they do help. You need a gravatar to start with and after that you can register for a free blog site and all of the formatting etc. they do for you. It’s very time consuming though, so I generally don’t go in for exchange by email, I usually just transfer the odd comment from elsewhere.   As I said to DD elsewhere her stuff, and as I now see, yours is more true poetry than mine which is just doggerel and word play as a way of making comment on the the political scene.  I see you’ve commented already to AC. Acerbic Conehead is probably better as a role model, he’s been posting brilliant satire for years! Good luck!

Patriciawa,    08/06/12,    Rewrote this one for for Lyn, TT and Jane re redheads, bloodnuts and rangas.

Our ranga PM is known to have been
In former life the Tudor ‘Virgin Queen!’
Blood nuts both, with ancestries in Wales
In common with that warrior female,
Another red head Celt, Boadicea!
Two great spirits, reincarnate, in our Julia!
Wise, strong women from the climes of Borealis
Enthroned again down here in Terra Australis!

Gravel,    08/06/12,     Nice little pomette there, you bring a smile to world whenever I am lucky to read one of your pieces.

Patriciawa,   08/06/12   Also about a link from PB to collectablescorner.auctivacommerce.com/…982.aspx
Is it really our Julia, do you think?  Could well be.

Talk Turkey,     08/06/12,    Patricia,  That was a lovely little ‘pomette’ thank you!
That Collectable girl you linked to could be *J*U*L*I*A*, she reminds me of the ABC Collectors intro girl who whirls around and around, one of the prettiest things you’d ever see.


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