Senator Minchin, Did I Hear You Right?

Listening to Senator Nick Minchin,
Long time Liberal party linchpin,
Giving his valedictory
Much I heard seemed contradictory.

I couldn’t tell as I heard him speak
If what he said was tongue in cheek.
I’d liked this man of style and couth
And really wanted to hear his truth.

Some things he needed off his chest
We had already heard confessed,
Like not resisting the Iraq war,
Not opposing Howard’s Work Choices law,

These again he mentioned with regret.
What else remained, not voiced as yet?
Then came what seemed a heartfelt plea
For climate sceptics, such as he!

He hated being branded a denier,
Seen as a veritable pariah,
For declaring war on bigotry
And global warming zealotry.

The Greens, demanding a solution
To their problems with air pollution,
Had got the voters in a stew
About a harmless thing like CO2!

I felt he almost empathized,
When he talked of being ‘quite surprised,
Disappointed by (carbon’s) loneliness, isolation
and indeed (its) demonization!’

Even his party caught the madness!
Here, I thought, he might talk of sadness.
Does he regret achieving Turnbull’s demise
As mainstream media might surmise?

No. He’s still with Abbott, royalist,
Covert climate change denialist,
Whose overweening pride and vanity
Show symptoms of insanity.

‘The current Prime Minister,’ their, ‘Liar!’
Whom both worked hard to brand pariah,
He mentioned briefly, not as misunderstood
Or seen by others as doing good.

If he wasn’t trying to be funny
Why do I see irony
In his last advice to colleagues to
‘Do unto others what you would have them do to you?

MY NOTE: All words and phrases in italics are those used in similar context by Senator Minchin his valedictory speech.


Janice, 24/06/11, Excellent pome, Patricia. Minchin never learned the meaning of “Do unto others…


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