Nicola’s In There, Doc Martens Boots ‘n All!

So, Tony, you think you’ve got something on me?
Something you can offer to the press?
You keep undressing; it’s clear that’s not impressing.
Now here am I, having much more success!
My boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they do!
And, fully clothed, I wear them to walk all over you.

You keep lying, when you ought to be honest.
That’s why you’re losing, and never well ahead.
I keep praying, you’re not about to be changing.
Your right is wrong. No one believes a word you’ve said.
My boots are made for walking, but that’s not all I do.
Every day while wearing them I talk all over you.

Keep on saying the things you shouldn’t be saying,
Just keep on thinking that you’ll never get burnt.
Ha!   I’ve got me a box of no-brand cigarettes!
And where there’s smokes there’s fire you should have learned!
These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do.
Every day these boots and I will walk all over you!

Still with me, boots?   Let’s keep walking!

NOTES:     This was written in admiration for Nicola Roxon’s stand on plain packaging for cigarettes in the face of strong lobbying by the cigarette industry. Tony Abbott, always wary of Roxon, Health Minister, who has bested him in the past has had to agree not to oppose her packaging legislation, another phase in her fight against the tobacco industry. But Abbott is still refusing to give up large donations by the tobacco industry to his party. He thought he might have a win when two signed form letters emerged through Philip Morris tobacco company from Nicola Roxon when in opposition inviting their attendance at a fund raising dinner six years before. Abbott and his party seized on this as demonstration of Roxon’s hypocrisy! She, however, fought back strongly and accused them and big tobacco of trying to launch a smear campaign against her, after all it was years ago, long before she was in government and had taken no donations as a result of these form letters sent out in error by staff. Abbott persisted in a motion questioning her credibility but didn’t have the nerve to front her directly in Question Time.


Sue,    15/06/11,      I have been humming the Nancy Sinatra song all day today. Now I have the poem and it is so much better. Thanks Patricia.

Gravel,     15/06/11,      Love your pome, I started reading it then I found myself singing it to the tune of “these boots were made for walkin”


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