It’s Tony Abbott Who’s Toxic, Not The Tax!

Tony Abbott on the attack in parliament over Labor’s toxic carbon tax,

Time and again we hear it said
Tony Abbott can’t lie straight in bed.
He can though lie with a straight face
Such that Virgin Mary would grant him grace.

He’s now denouncing Labor’s carbon tax
While carefully not disclosing facts
That he had plans for one himself
Which for the moment’s on the shelf.

But that’s not unusual form from him,
When his chances are looking slim
He’ll dream up any scheme or policy
With no concern for our democracy.

Now to guarantee an election win,
With plans to scrap it once he’s in,
He’s put ‘Direct Action’ on the map
After consistently proclaiming, “Climate change is crap!”

………the (Howard) government opted for an emissions trading scheme over a straightforward carbon tax. Still, a new tax would be the intelligent skeptics way to deal with minimizing emissions, because it would be much easier than a property right to reduce or to abolish should the justifications for it change.

Tony Abbott in July, 2009.

Any move towards a carbon tax or an emission trading scheme would be an economic own goal. It would be an act of economic self harm by Australia.

Tony Abbott in June, 2011.

MY NOTE: It always amazes me how main stream media don’t have these details to hand the minute politicians make statements like this, particularly in the light of Abbott’s claim that Julia Gillard ‘lied’ to Australia about a carbon tax. Thanks to North Coast Voices this came to light again to remind us, along with the recently re-discovered video footage of Abbott outlining how he would introduce a simple tax on carbon, how hypocritical he has been in his accusations that Julia Gillard plans to destroy our economy with her carbon price plan.


Gravel,     14/06/11,    You are just brilliant, Patricia

Catching up,    14/06/11,    Patricia, forget about lying straight in bed. He cannot stand straight when upright. Yes it is Mr. Abbott that is toxic, especially for the well being of this country.


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