In answer to your question –

I don’t come here for balance,
But rather for an audience
Who’ll hear me out with tolerance;
After making their acquaintance,
To enjoy a bit of dalliance,
With people of intelligence
As well as wit and brilliance.

Where when Labor lacks coherence,
I find constructive conference.
Where I can express with vehemence
My loyalty and allegiance
To a PM of great competence;
Admire her strength and elegance,
Her fairness and benevolence.

Here Coalition petulance
Is seen with its malevolence
Since they didn’t win the preference
Of those vital independents.
Those good men weighed the evidence
In striving for good governance.
It’s to them I look for balance.

NOTE: This was a response to Ad Astra’s post at The Political Sword“Fair And Balanced Discourse – Is That What We Want?”


Ad Astra, 13/06/11, June 13. 2011, Patricia WA, What a delightful way of portraying ‘balance’! Thank you another of your pomes.

Talk Turkey, 15/05/11, Patricia WA, I failed to say what a great pome this was, In Answer To Your Question. I think you might have missed your calling as a Rapper!

Dorothea Dix, 08/07/11 I Feared no Offence on Political sword Patricia. Just a little lost in my own cleverness you may say. Sitting here praying to the resting soul of Dorothea Dix can be a little time distorting at times. Stated In Contradiction, one of my favorites as a N.U.F. N.U.F.F. BB DD

Patricia WA, 10/07/11 DD Just came across your comment. Apologies, I’m only now learning how to catch up with comments. This is really somewhere I store stuff I’ve posted elsewhere, mainly at The Political Sword, along with comments there. Didn’t quite understand your acronyms! I have a very literal mind, as opposed to literary!


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