Barnaby Thinks He’ll Soon Rejoice

With my degree in accountancy
I understand all about LSD.
Which used to be our currency
Before cents got used instead of Ps.

Tony was right in choosing me
For Shadow Finance Ministry.
I could have solved the GFC
Almost single handedly.

But Labor had control, you see
And I had to sit there quietly
While they listened to Ken Henery
And his guff about bank guarantees.

So Rudd ruined our economy
By borrowing Chinese currency.
In ‘hock to our eyeballs’, weren’t we?
How could Glenn Stevens disagree?

That was when they shifted me
To another Shadow Ministry
For things like country regions, water’n trees.
But I still keep an eye on Treasury.

Those blokes there need the third degree.
They break their own rules about secrecy.
Look how the latest figures on the GDP
Were leaked to the papers and the ABC!

I’ll set them right eventually.
Just wait till I get a proper Ministry.
Me and Tony’ll sort out this economy.
It won’t be long now. You’ll see.


Janice, 09/06/11, Great pome Patricia. When you listen to Barnaby and Hockey it is easy to understand where the term “creative accountancy” came from.

Feral Skeleton, 09/06/11, PatriciaWA, Your pomes are a joy to behold.

Lyn, 09/06/11, Hi Patricia! Thankyou for posting another creative pome for our enjoyment, how lovely you are.


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