Tony Abbott Backs a Really Big Australian!

“Big Australian!” What a perfect name
For this woman in her outsized frame!
Relinquished by BHP Billeton
For Gina! She’s now our gigantic one!

Some in Oz have great respect for size,
Particularly of wealth, which leftist eyes
Might find ugly distasteful or obscene.
But not worshippers of our Iron Ore Queen.

High Priest leading these is a politician,
Tony Abbott, Leader of our Opposition,
Who thinks preserving giant Gina’s wealth
Is more important than the nation’s health.

That mining taxes burdened her and friends,
That their group prosperity far transcends
Savings for malingerers and shirkers
Who once retired are no longer workers!

Not like the Big Australian and her mates,
Clive and Twiggy. They’re miners all, not magnates!
Why should they toil all day, near break their backs,
Now to be burdened by a Carbon Tax!

That’s why Abbott wants us to join with him
To fight for Gina in this battle grim.
He thinks this woman’s cause deserves our votes.
It’s even weightier than stopping boats.


I have found Mr. Denmore’s recent satire on a certain mining magnate ‘changing her frame’ as it were at the The Failed Estate all too real. I have long been alarmed at how increasingly difficult it is becoming for the progressive voice to be heard in Australia, with even moderate good sense and the national interest rapidly losing ground to the extreme right. It was difficult enough with News Ltd and Rupert Murdoch controlling well over sixty per cent of Australia’s media outlets. Now we have stakes in Fairfax Media and Ten Network being bought up by Gina Rinehart, an avowed climate sceptic and fan of radio shock jock Andrew Bolt to whom she has given an even wider audience with his own weekly TV program. Even the Guardian in the UK is commenting on the impact this has had in strengthening Tony Abbott’s anti Carbon Tax campaign. To underline that we have the latest disastrous Morgan Poll phone survey results of 58-42 in favor ofthe Coalition reported and discussed by the Pollbludger in Crikey today.

How can sane thinking ever prevail in this country with such undue influence being exerted over our media by so few wealthy individuals? We now have a situation whereby a good government, albeit in a hung parliament, achieving miraculously steady progress by consensus amongst Labor, the Greens and Independents, seems unappreciated by the public at large. I have almost turned to prayer that our Members of Parliament stay well, and that the next few weeks should bring no unforeseen crisis to bring Julia Gillard down before July 1st, or thereafter offering Tony Abbott the opportunity to call a double dissolution . My sense is that we have only the narrowest of opportunities to save our country from falling into a deep chasm of self destruction, and that undue weight of influence is held by a few powerfully wealthy individuals.

I have never before felt quite so powerless. What can one do, I despaired. I was somehat heartened by reading Bob Brown’s opinion that one should just do

‘what you can in an extraordinary circumstance on a planet that is in real trouble….’

Today all I could do is to join Mr. Denmore and others in satirising individuals who threaten our country’s well being. Any encouraging ideas are welcome!


05/06/11 And you’ve come up with an excellent pome, Patricia. I agree with you that the current climate of media one-ownership plus a rabid opposition leader joining forces is stifling rational thinking within the electorate.

05/06/11 Patricia, I can but only wholly agree with every word you have written. Is it because we are getting older that we can see what would happen if the opposition were to gain power, no matter who led them. You have expressed my thoughts and fears here, and I would think many of the wonderful people to TPS.

lyn, 05/06/11 Hi Patricia! You are brilliant – thoughtful genuine comment and wonderful pome. Mr Denmore’s articles are always of a very high standard and his opinion is tops. We are lucky to have such quality bloggers out there keeping us informed of the facts. Don’t worry too much about the Morgan Poll, William Bowe said the questions were more than dubious. Patricia I have changed my email address only the first 2 characters reversed, because have connected to ADSL instead of wireless. So far seems a better signal hopefully it will continue. Cheers, lyn

Mr. Denmore, 05/06/11 Nice work Patricia. Big Australians; Big Lies maybe?


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