The Big Australian

“Big Australian!” What a perfect name
For this woman in her outsized frame!
Relinquished by BHP Billeton
For Gina! She’s now our gigantic one!

Some in Oz have great respect for size,
Particularly of wealth, which leftist eyes
Might find ugly distasteful or obscene.
But not worshippers of our Iron Ore Queen.

High Priest leading these is a politician,
Tony Abbott, Leader of our Opposition,
Who thinks preserving giant Gina’s wealth
Is more important than the nation’s health.

Taxes shouldn’t overburden her or friends.
Their group prosperity by far transcends
Savings for malingerers and shirkers;
Once retired they’re no longer workers!

Unlike the Big Australian and her mates,
Clive and Twiggy. They’re miners all, not magnates.
From dawn to dusk they toil, near break their backs,
Just to be burdened by a Carbon Tax!

Abbott’s right to ask us to join with him
To fight for Gina in this battle grim.
This mighty woman’s cause deserves our votes.
It’s even weightier than stopping boats.


Pip, 05/06/11 Patricia WA, that is an excellent pome. What is it about large, avaricious mining types?

Min, 05/06/11 Well done Patricia. Love it

Mr. Denmore, 05/06/11 Nice work Patricia. Big Australians; Big Lies maybe?


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