Doesn’t Pragmatism Begin At Home, Tony?

Tony Abbott’s made it very plain.
He doesn’t want a policy list,
In which he thinks there’s not much gain.
He’d rather be a pragmatist.

This response to his one time mentor,
Nick Minchin, urging sound policies
Over cheap populism, seems therefore
To dismiss his other prophecies.

At least two years from now must pass
Before the Party gains victory.
Can he stay ‘in’ with boss and working class
Till then, without seeming contradictory?

Already thought a weather cock,
Whose views from day to day will differ,
Judging what’s best for his own stock,
He’s the consummate wind sniffer.

Checking his electoral chances
As natural to him as breathing,
Anything which his cause enhances
Is on. Who cares who else is seething?

Even members of his own party,
Like climate spokesman, poor Greg Hunt,
Left to defend his leader once again
After one more climate sceptic stunt.

Significant others in the team
Resent his ever spiralling spin,
Hell bent on realizing his own dream
Of an election he’ll sacrifice anyone to win.

And that’s nine hundred days away,
When one day alone can be too long!
How pragmatic will his colleagues be
Before they call time for his swan song?


Feral Skeleton
, 01/06/11, You know I reckon your pomes are brilliant.

Janice,, 01/06/11 10, More stars, Patricia. You are so clever!

02/06/11, Another great pome (as others seem to spell it, I wonder why?), you certainly put into those poems a lot of good thoughts too.


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