Jericho Stands Firm In Battle With Murdoch**

Dear Grog, what is it about you
That someone at News Limited
Is so very keen to out you,
To somehow have discredited,
What you say and what you do.

At first they tried by naming you.
But you wouldn’t be inhibited.
They found no way of shaming you,
Or getting you prohibited
From publishing your point of view.

Now, with malice quite unmerited,
They’ve informed us, with a sneer or two,
That your picture’s now exhibited
Where everyone can look at you.
So we followed up and visited………..

There you were unmasked, ‘unveiled.’
Your face, for which we’re grateful, Grog,
As Ralph Fiennes look-alike has failed.
It does, however, reflect what’s in your blog;
That honest clarity which has murky Murdoch media nailed.

**I found the title to this one difficult, in view of the walls of Jericho coming down in that long ago battle with the Israelites. Because Grog stood firm after his name was out. He was happy to confirm it. I sought help from friends at the Political Sword and I think the above does work.

Note: This was written in response to an entry in The Australian’s ‘Diary’ of 20/05/11, linked above, which seemed a somewhat gratuitous reference to Greg Jericho. He has written many honest criticisms of biassed or distorted commentary in Murdoch media outlets in his widely read blog, Grog’s Gamut. The Australian’s ‘outing’ of Greg Jericho as public servant in Canberra was something of a cause celebre throughout the blogosphere about which I wrote a pome at the time, Areopagitica.. Murdoch’s media empire outrages me……but more of that later.


NormanK, 22/05/11, “Jericho’s Walls Unbreeched by Murdoch” Just a thought. Beautifully written Patricia. It’s a nice scary feeling when you care a lot about the end result, isn’t it? Have no fear, I’m sure it will be well received.

Talk Turkey, 22/05/11. Great tribute to Grog and all goodhearted people will agree. The archetype for your headline is (JoshWA fit de Battle ob Jericho An’ de walls came a-tumbellin’ down!) So “Rupert #**ed in Battle wid Jericho” (or can’t we say that?) OK “Murdoch Fails in Battle with Jericho!” is my second choice.

Ad Astra, 22/05/11, I do like your poem dedicated to Greg Jericho whom we admire so much, but whom the Murdoch press seems to delight in demeaning. We know why – he pings and stings it more than most.

24/05/11 Cheers Patricia WA. I liked the bit suggesting that I “confirmed my name” lolz.


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