Turnbull, Malcontent?

What is the reason for his discontent,
What troubles in his bosom buried?
Is Malcolm Turnbull now a man intent
On casting off a burden too long carried?

Is acceptance of that poisoned chalice,
His task to destroy the NBN,
Offered by Abbott out of malice,
Causing him to wish he could resign again?

He knows that pulling up established fibre
Reminds of books once by fascists burned,
Sure to alienate many a subscriber,
Have voters back to ALP returned.

So he contradicts his colleague Joe,
Clearly speaks against the party line.
This has his audience agog to know,
Is the Honorable Mal planning to resign?

Late night, world weary, mood odd and strange,
Head and heart loyal still to an ETS,
Loath to back Abbott’s craziness on climate change,
One sensed, if asked direct, he’d have gladly answered, “Yes!”


Ad Astra, 19/05/11, Patricia WA,Thank you for your clever poem – I think you have really hit the mark. Remember the glimpses of Malcolm Turnbull’s face when watching Tony Abbott’s Budget speech in reply. It portrayed dismay, even disgust. I think he has had enough of the conservatives that threw him out, and the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) Abbott spews out every day.

Miglo, 19/05/11, I love the poem, Patricia. How do you keep producing these wonderful gems?

Feral Skeleton, 19/05/11, ‘He knows that pulling up established fibre
Reminds of books once by fascists burned,’

For mine, your best lines ever, Patricia. They have such a resounding resonance that, like the best of Shakespeare, they can be savoured by the brain again and again, as the ramifications of those lines rebound along all the tangents that spring from them.

Talk Turkey,
19/05/11, FS I liked Patricia WA’s rhyming ‘fibre’ with ‘subscriber’. I wonder how many times that’s ever been done?


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