The Political Sword Cheer Squad

We bloggers at The Political Sword
Have been accused by disgruntled readers
Of being a leftie cheer squad.
That’s true! Here we are, relaxing! Its leaders!

This is what we wear on a working day.
Far left is Janice and right is Lyn,
And then there’s me, Patricia WA.
Alongside feisty Feral Skeleton.

We’re all in red. That white A makes clear
Ad Astra’s the big boss, pictured right.
He calls the tune, tells us when to cheer,
And moves on rabble rousers hoping for a fight.


D Mick Weir, 17/05/11, geez, what a gorgeous bunch of shielas, cor blimey, in a different life I could cosy up to all of em 🙂

Feral Skeleton, 17/05/011, Patricia WA, Thank You. ‘Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves!’ (I really should change my Gravatar to a Nervous Nellie cartoon).

Lyn, 17/05/11, Hi Patricia!You are so clever with your pomes, I love this one though because we are all in it. Those bathers of mine, the pink ones I have on in the photo. You just reminded me to get those on tomorrow, pink is my favourite colour, I really love that particular pair of bathers. Yes and they suit my complexion

janice, 17/05/11, How could I not love your pome, Patricia. Went to view the pics and couldn’t help a little pining for a lost youth I wonder though if you might think about a cheer squad complete with pom-poms (like the footie girls).

Patricia WA, 18/05/11, All our Pom Pom pictures were too sexy, Janice. I chose the more modest ones to maintain the wholesome image of The Political Sword!.

Patricia WA, 20/07/11, I suggested at TPS we might change our name to become cheer squad for the PM and invited anyone interested in adding their names to contact me e.g. Gravel!

Gravel, 21/07/2011 Thanks for your invite to us ‘girls’. I’m on the couch, but being 4’9″ no one can see me. I had read your great pome ages ago, believe me I didn’t feel left out……..people, especially in a crowd, ‘overlook’ me literally and sometimes walk straight into me. 🙂


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